Jordan's Short Story

A Short Personal Story For Those Who Asked

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I have been asked by some for information on who I am and how I got here.

First of all, this has nothing to do with me.

My entire being, to the best of my ability, is oriented to aligning myself as fully as I can with the Source and Sustainer of life and consciousness, and operating as a conduit of that Spirit. I am getting better at it, and the better I get, the further that Goal moves away from me.

I was born in 1984 in Orange County California, one of wealthiest and most beautiful pinnacles of the free world. I was raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition and steeped in American and Biblical values, and the teachings of Jesus.

From the earliest moments that I could grasp that eternal heart of unconditional love, I could see that something was dramatically wrong with our society. I could see that while we proclaimed to uphold certain values, our society was manifesting itself in a way that was far divorced from them.

Although I had no idea what to do with that awakening realization, it was obvious to me that during my lifetime, a generational movement would be required to arise and unite to defeat the corrupt illegitimate authoritarian impulses, and restore the proper order and balance of the world for the coming generations.

I had a vibrant spiritual experience from the time I was young, and a vibrant sense of the battle of Good and Evil in my own soul and in my world. When I was 11 or 12, the words of Solomon in Proverbs grabbed me and never let go. The vivid language describing the pursuit of wisdom as a quest towards a holy grail more valuable than gold or silver thrust me on a deep life-long search for wisdom and understanding. The more wisdom was revealed to me, and the more I came to understand the present reality of the world, the more clear the tremendous chasm between the best and highest that was intended, and the existing forces and conditions, became clear.

Over time God was kind enough to validate what I was experiencing internally with many external messages and confirmations that helped guide my course.

When I was 14, and she was 13, my wife Caity and I connected and we were inseparable by our freshman year of high school, united from the start by our shared deep sense of mission and calling. We found ourselves intuitively calling each other up towards a higher purpose.

Although my immediate family had sacrificed a life of privilege to serve our community in ministry, the wealth of my extended family privileged me to receive some of the best training and education available in the world, from private secondary school, to a bachelor's degree from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business, to an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, to multiple black belt degrees in martial arts. I obtained these primarily on nights and weekends while working full time.

Early on I resolved to prepare for whatever I might be called upon to do by lifting the heaviest burdens I could bear and taking on as much responsibility as anyone would entrust me with.

Torn between the path towards spiritually significant work and serving the community, and success in the economic and political systems, I realized the limitations of both and the false dichotomies that were plaguing our society.

As I continued to be entrusted with ever greater responsibility I progressed from early service jobs, to early entrepreneurial activity coaching in academics and music, to helping manage infrastructure projects, to managing infrastructure projects, to managing portfolios of infrastructure projects, to managing joint venture infrastructure projects too big for any one company to complete in isolation, to building companies that built infrastructure projects, to beginning to assemble a portfolio of companies, to innovating legal and governance structures in anticipation of giving those companies away into multi-generational stewardship vehicles, to beginning to look at Worksite: Earth as a whole…

…to having my youthful naivete shattered by the corruption and abuse of power plaguing our government and religious institutions, to speaking truth to power, to inevitably losing our home, company, reputation, over $10M of wealth, and 150 of our co-workers losing their jobs at the hands of corrupt authorities who turned their backs and washed their hands of the corruption they were callously and willfully blind to…

Along the way I got to see the way politics, wealth, and religion mixed into unholy alliance, the special deals that got made behind closed doors, the way governments and developers interacted with public and environmental concerns, the terrible incentives that rippled out from corrupt and unwise legislation, the way politics dominated corporate life, the way blue collar workers were exploited and oppressed, the fear and week to week scarcity that held good people in terrible positions, the sacrifices that people made to climb ladders of hierarchy that were entirely antithetical to their core values, yet which they depended upon for their position and prosperity.

Over the years as wealth and influence increased I was faced with and complicit in every trial and temptation common to men. As I battled to stay on course and fight my way through the tests, my marriage nearly failed, I inflicted and suffered painful wounds, and continued to strive towards the light as best I could in my various states of immaturity and naivete.

Looking back I can see that I have been guilty in some shade of every vice, and have been entirely complicit in all the worst sins of our society as a result of my naive participation in it.

What is clear to me now, having battled through the underworld and emerged scarred and stripped of an old life, yet stronger, clearer, and hopefully wiser than ever, is that I would be betraying my soul if I continued to lend my time and energy to struggling inside of the systems that promise safety and luxury as a millionaire to a few, while billions suffer outside the gates. I came to the very uneasy realization that the entire patterning of modern society was wrong, on a trajectory towards massive failure that was entirely incompatible with the vision and values shared by all people of goodwill.

I realized that the entire human system had to be fundamentally elevated, revivified, transformed into something new, that was entirely reintegrated with the living system of earth and the timeless wisdom, principles, and values that cause people, societies, and living systems to flourish.

And I realized that the same was true of me as an individual human.

Several years ago, in partnership with God and the wisest advisors I could find, I began to look seriously at Worksite: Earth as a whole. As if it was a single domain, and as if we were responsible for its stewardship and transformation into a flourishing and abundant place in which generations to come could thrive.

I was introduced to coaches and advisors who helped me navigate through the chaos to discern whether we could find any existing structure that we could put the weight of ourselves and our resources behind… and that if we drove it towards its logical end… could solve the growing grand challenges we were perceiving around the world, and secure the kind of future we all desired.

We could not identify any existing institution, organization, political party, or nation state that would work…

So we began working towards designing and building one that would.

The closer we got, the fiercer the opposition was, and after surviving that, we are here.

That is approximately how I got here, and why we are in dialogue. After bringing together lifetimes of work, we are sitting on the edge of beginning to activate the only total, comprehensive logic, system, and program of action that I am aware of that might work, and I cannot see any other way.

While nearly everything has been stripped away through the refining fires, I hope and pray that what remains is useful.

If I and anything we have built to date is useful to the network, we are yours. We are here to serve.

My battles with corruption made it clear to me that anyone standing up to the existing system is likely to have their life destroyed. My education in the existing systems led me to understand that if we don’t transform them, we will never succeed, and if they collapse before we have co-created a successor, society will descend into chaos.

It is therefore with great humility that we are offering ourselves up entirely in service to the network, to the global community of goodwill, to all generations of life, and to the Source of life.

After wrestling with the question of what our relationship is to the structures of corruption that plague us and society, we have come to understand that the only moral option available to us is to do what must be done to transform them so that future generations will not suffer as we have, and as so many around the world have suffered far worse.

The only action that we can see might work is to awaken and unite a global community / federation / army of goodwill to meet this moment in history. In that process we are willing to lift the heaviest burdens we can bear and take the greatest risks upon ourselves, to stand up to the strongest powers on earth, and bring them under the authority of God and the free people of this beautiful world.

If anyone thinks this is fun, or we consider ourselves qualified for whatever is asked of us… quite the contrary. The road to date has been hard and marked by fire, embarrassment, and loss, yet we cannot in good conscience ask any other family to take on these risks, knowing the dangers that lie ahead.

Yet we can see a glimmer that eternally reminds us that in partnership with God we can bear up under any stress and load, and that all things are possible. So we are advancing, not for our own benefit, but to attempt to inspire people in every time, place, and domain on earth to stand up together and do the same, right where they are.

If billions of us stand together in partnership with life and its Source, what could possibly stand against us? The miracles that are needed will occur.

We are all entirely unqualified to lead the fullness of what is trying to emerge. However I have faith and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that together, in partnership with God and one another, we are all collectively qualified and indeed chosen specifically for this unique moment in history.

If we can succeed in this quest, we can realize a future that is better for all. And indeed we can succeed, if we can learn together how to allow what is trying to emerge to joyfully flow through us. All creation is longing for it.

The Spirit that impels us to love is calling us to arise and embark, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to regenerate this precious planet and living system that sustains us all, and to begin to individually and collectively embody the eternal values that we all cling to. It is something like that.

If you would like more information on my personal experience and perspective with Faith, please see Jordan and Faith.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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