The Battle for the Spirit of America - Why I Am Running Independently For US President

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut A Work In Progress...

Section I: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Meta Crisis and Its Implications

1.1 Defining the Meta Crisis

1.2 The Urgency of Addressing the Meta Crisis

1.3. What is at Stake if we Fail?

1.4 What is Possible if we Succeed?

1.5 Our Current Trajectory and the Consequences of Complacency, Cynicism and Inaction

1.6 Our Current Trajectory and the Consequences of Division and Polarization

Chapter 2: My Journey and Motivation

2.1 My Background and Experience

2.2 A Builder's Perspective on America and the World

2.3 My Motivations for Risking Everything to Unite Citizens of Goodwill Around the World

2.4 Why the US Presidency?

2.5 My Vision for America and the World

Chapter 3: The Importance of Independent Leadership in a Corrupted World

3.1 The Limitations of the Two-Party System

3.2 The Corruption and Collusion of the Existing Systems and Parties

3.3 The Potential and Promise of Wise Independent Leadership

3.4 My Approach to Wise Independent Leadership

Section II: The Battle for the Spirit of America

Chapter 4: The Current State of America

4.1 The Challenges Facing America

4.2 Recognizing the Reality of the Deeper Spiritual Battle

4.3 The Need for Bold and Decisive Action

4.4 The Need for Spirit-Led Action

4.5 The Unique Role of the American People

Chapter 5: The Forces at Play

5.1 The Influence of Money and Power

5.2 The Advance of The Giants

5.3 The Dangers of Division and Polarization

5.4 The Importance of Unity

5.5 The Importance of Independence, Wisdom, Transparency, and Accountability

Chapter 6: A New Hope for America

6.1 The Importance of Hope and a New Vision for the Future

6.2 The Potential for One Reunited Citizenship Under God

6.3 The Potential for America to Lead the Way in Empowering Humanity to Co-Create a Better World

Chapter 7: The Case for Wise Independent Leadership

7.1 Why Independence and Unity are the Keys to the American Spirit

7.2 The Limitations of a Corrupted Two-Party System

7.3 The Urgent Need to Break the Cycle of Partisan Gridlock, Corruption, and Collusion

7.4 The Potential for the Independent Spirit to Reunite the Country and Bring About Transformative Change

7.5 The Imprisoning Myths of Spoiler Effects and Impossibility

Section III: The Vision and Plan for America

Chapter 8: The Vision for America

8.1 A Comprehensive Vision for the Future of America and Its Place in the World

8.2 The Importance of Creating a Just, Regenerative, and Flourishing Society and Environment for All Americans

8.3 The Role of America in the Global Community and the Potential for American Leadership to Advance Humanity as a Whole

Chapter 9: The Plan for America

9.1 A Detailed Plan for Implementing the Vision for America

9.2 Key Milestones and Objectives for the 2030, 2040, and 2050 Goals

9.3 The Role of American Citizens in Making the Vision a Reality

Chapter 10: The Battle Ahead

10.1 The Challenges and Obstacles Facing Independent Candidates

10.2 The Importance of Grassroots Organizing and the Role of Technology in Mobilizing Voters

10.3 The Need for a United Front of Independent Candidates and Supporters to Create Real Change

10.4 The Role of Citizen Impact Groups and Assemblies

10.5 The Potential for Citizen Led Transparency and Collaboration Prior to the Election

10.6 The Potential for the First Citizen Led Audit of an Election

Section IV: The Vision and Plan for the World

Chapter 11: A Comprehensive Approach to the Grand Challenges

11.1 Addressing the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century and Beyond

12.1 Harnessing and Guiding Innovation and Technology for the Collective Good

11.3 Building a Resilient and Regenerative Future for the United States and the World

Chapter 12: A Comprehensive Approach to the Global Goals

12.1 Placing American Ingenuity and Might in Service of Shared Global Goals and Values

12.2 Promoting Global Cooperation

12.3 Prioritizing Universal Human Rights, Responsibilities, and Dignity

12.4 Co-Creating the Conditions for Life and Society to Flourish in Harmony

Chapter 13: Why the Destiny of the United States and the World are Inextricably Linked

13.1 Shared Destiny in an Interconnected World

13.2 Why the Citizens of the United States have a Massive Vested Interest in the Integrated Wellbeing, Development, and Flourishing of the Citizens of the World

13.3 Why the Citizens of the World have a Massive Vested Interest in the Integrated Wellbeing, Development, and Flourishing of the Citizens of the United States

13.4 The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

13.5 Rediscovering Universal Love and Compassion

Section V: Conclusion

Chapter 14: The Urgency of Now

14.1 The Urgent Need for Action to Address the Crises Facing America and the World

14.2 The Historic Potential for Independent Leadership and the Importance of Seizing the Moment

14.3 Why 2024 May Be Our Last Chance for Independence and Freedom in Generations

14.4 The Call to Action for All Americans to Join The Movement towards the New Vision and Plan

Chapter 15: Immediate Next Steps

15.1 Mobilizing Citizens and Supporters to Take Action

15.2 The Importance of Building Coalitions and Partnerships

15.3 Creating a Roadmap towards the Future we seek

15.4 The Future of America and the World Rests in Our Hands

15.5 Your Immediate Next Steps

Appendix: Beyond The Meta Crisis: A Guide to Navigating the Great Transformation