1.5 Our Current Trajectory and the Consequences of Complacency, Cynicism and Inaction

Despite the urgency and potential catastrophe of the Meta Crisis, many individuals and institutions remain complacent or cynical about the need for action. This is often due to a sense of overwhelm, a belief that individual actions cannot make a difference, or the hope that an outside force will come to our salvation. However, this complacency and cynicism only serve to reinforce the status quo and allow the crisis to continue unabated. Evil moves rapidly to fill the void left when people of Goodwill abdicate or fail to take up their rightful responsibility and authority.

The consequences of inaction and complacency are severe and far-reaching, as outlined in the previous section. Without urgent and decisive action, we risk a future of environmental collapse, social unrest, economic turmoil, and political instability. We also risk the loss of our democratic institutions, human rights, and freedoms.

Moreover, we risk the loss of our own sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to each other, the world around us, and our Source and Sustainer. The Meta Crisis is not just a physical or material challenge, but a spiritual one as well. It calls upon us to confront our deepest values and beliefs, to recognize our interconnectedness and responsibility to each other, our planet, and its Source, and to act accordingly.

It is also important to recognize that our current trajectory is not inevitable. While the challenges we face are significant, there are countless individuals, organizations, and communities working towards positive change and transformation. These efforts range from local grassroots movements to global policy initiatives, and they are all vital to building the momentum and collective will necessary to address the Meta Crisis and transform our trajectory from failure and destruction towards flourishing and abundant life.

As individuals, we have a critical role to play in this process. We must recognize our power and responsibility to contribute to the solution, and to resist the urge to give in to cynicism or despair. We can do this by taking immediate action in our own lives and communities, by working to discern and transform the Root Causes of Suffering and Dysfunction, by supporting organizations and initiatives that align with our Values and Goals, and by using our voices, our resources, and the fullness of our being to advocate for and cause positive transformation at all levels of life and society.

Ultimately, the choice is ours. We can continue on our current trajectory, accepting the devastating consequences of inaction and complacency, or we can rise to the challenge of the Meta Crisis and work towards a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all. The path ahead is not easy, but it is necessary, and it is up to each of us to play our part in co-creating The Future we seek.