2.5 My Vision for America and the World

My vision for The Future is one in which we rediscover our Central Animating Spirit, and come together once again as One Citizenship, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. This vision is rooted in the recognition and atonement for the harm, division, and destruction we have caused in our own nation and in nations around the world, and humbly placing ourselves as a united citizenship back in service of God and all creation. It is a vision in which we rediscover our shared Vision, Principles, and Values, and refresh, renew, and revivify the foundations of our society.

This vision is also one in which we recognize and reintegrate ourselves as a regenerative species within the Living System that sustains us, helping nature heal herself and restore the regenerative capacity of the air, water, and land for future generations. It is a vision in which we rediscover the wisdom of our sacred traditions, and renewing our search for Truth and Wisdom through scientific and technological enterprise.

In this vision, we would learn to value both the progressive and conservative impulses of our individual and collective personalities, and discover a way to balance and honor them both as we navigate towards our future with Wisdom while protecting and preserving our foundations and heritage.

Biodiversity would once again flourish across the nation, and the great herds of buffalo, antelope, and creatures of all shapes and sizes would reemerge. As a result of identifying and transforming the Root Causes of pollution and harm at their source, the rivers, lakes, and oceans would begin to heal themselves, and once again teem with the diverse and abundant life that used to inhabit them.

This vision is one in which every citizen would have equal access to vibrant systems of education and wellbeing, and abundant opportunities for meaningful work arising from a vibrant, creative, and entrepreneurial population. We would heal the fabric of our communities as a consequence of rediscovering our Spirit, and coming back into Right Relationship with God and One Another. We would work together to vanquish the depression, suffering, hopelessness, homelessness, and substance abuse plaguing our communities, and we would help restore and reintegrate all citizens into flourishing and abundant life.

In this vision, we would recognize our role as stewards of the earth, and work towards a society that is in harmony with nature, rather than exploiting it for our own ends. We would create policies that promote regenerativity, conservation, and environmental justice, and work towards a society in which our economic and social well-being are not at odds with the long-term health of our planet.

This vision is one in which we embrace the diversity of our society and traditions, and work towards a society that is inclusive, just, and regenerative for all citizens in all places and times. We would acknowledge and work to remedy the injustices that have been perpetrated against marginalized communities, and create a society in which every citizen is valued and respected.

We would explore how to resurrect the practices of forgiveness and jubilee in partnership with God and One Another, and rediscover how to continually liberate one another and all creation from the burden of their errors, debts, conflicts, and trespasses.

Ultimately, this vision is one in which we rediscover our purpose as a nation, and recommit ourselves to serving the Highest Intention and Greatest Good. It is a vision in which we come together as a One Citizenship, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All, and work in harmony towards a society that is characterized by Truth, Love, Justice, Compassion, Stewardship, and Wisdom. Through this shared vision and purpose, we can co-create a world that is more beautiful, just, and abundant than we can currently imagine.

To explore the Vision in more detail, and to begin articulating your own, see Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future.