1.1 Defining the Meta Crisis

The Meta Crisis is a complex and interconnected set of challenges that threaten the long-term survival and wellbeing of humanity. At its core, the Meta Crisis is a crisis of spirit, a crisis of consciousness, and a crisis of Values. It stems from the belief that humans are separate from nature and from each other, and that the pursuit of individual, tribal and national self-interest is the primary driver of human behavior and success.

The Meta Crisis manifests in a multitude of ways, including environmental degradation, social and economic inequality, political polarization, and the corruption and erosion of institutions of governance, economy, society, and religion. These challenges are not isolated, but rather interconnected and mutually reinforcing. For example, the destruction of ecosystems leads to the displacement of populations, which in turn fuels social and political instability and conflict, leading to additional environmental destruction.

The Meta Crisis is a result of a narrow and short-sighted worldview that prioritizes short-term gains over long-term Wisdom, Justice, and Regenerativity. It requires a fundamental shift in consciousness and values, one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and the need for cooperation, compassion, and wisdom to address the local and global challenges we face.

Addressing the Meta Crisis requires a comprehensive and integrated approach that includes political, economic, social, and cultural transformations. It requires us to confront our own assumptions and biases and to embrace a New Vision of what it means to be human and to live in harmony with God, nature and One Another across the generations.