Above The Chaos, Jordan's January 2024 Manifesto

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.29 (updated 2024.02.14)

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Greetings loved ones and allies,

As another year in the epic story of the human species aboard planet Earth slips into history, it is more evident than ever that despite our best efforts and progress to date, what got us here will not carry us forward to the Better Future we all desire.

My current best understanding is that there is a significant nonzero probability that the current order is on the brink of a disorderly collapse. Our house divided against itself will not stand. And it is not obvious that what might arise to take the place of the failing post-WWII Order will better. It is clear that forces of malevolence are consciously accelerating events towards that end.

The simple solution is Unity. To arise, unite, Seek First The Goal, and forthrightly wage the war for the future of our civilization. I remain prepared to give my life towards this End.

This involves reuniting as One Citizenship Under God and assembling an unprecedented global Force For Good to vanquish corruption and injustice, solve the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, and forge the Best Possible Future for All.

This Body must self-assemble from the bottom up on the basis of voluntary consent, with individuals and small-groups coming together to form a self-sustaining, self-replicating, and self-governing new polity.

Over the last 7 years, we have curated together tens of millions of dollars of value, laid the groundwork and built the systems and technology to enable such an unprecedented Citizen Led response to the present Meta Crisis. It will require significant training, discipline, and practice. However it must be done.

To start the year, I spent some time alone in the mountains and recorded three fireside chats:

  1. The State of Our World - Fireside Chat 1 - The State of Our World
  2. The Probability of Collapse - Fireside Chat 2 - On Collapse
  3. A Positive Vision, Strategy and Plan to forge the Best Possible Future - Fireside Chat 3 - A Vision, Strategy, and Plan

Additionally, over the last few years I developed a series of interlinked writings that explore the Meta Crisis and the New Vision and Plan from a variety of angles - see the Lionsberg Wiki Books and the Lionsberg Manifesto.

And now let me offer a humble and candid assessment of the efforts to date and where we stand now in January 2024.

Despite the efforts of many wonderful allies and advisors, efforts over the last 24 months to catalyze an inter-network Meta Project in response to previously-looming-and-now-apparent Meta Crisis have not succeeded. My assessment is that this is due to a combination of my own inadequacies and limitations, the inadequacies and limitations of the current organizational and governance structures, and the sheer fact that we are attempting something New, which has not previously been done, and for which no roadmap or proven recipe exists.

I remain convinced that none of us can succeed in isolation, and the only Way to advance from here is to forge, out of the many amazing individuals of Goodwill, a higher order functional unity actually powerful enough to meet the needs and solve the challenges at hand. I remain convinced that Unity, true Spiritual collaboration with God and One Another, is the One Thing that makes all other things possible. I continue to believe that it is necessary to connect, equip and empower 3% of the population, ~240 million leaders, as rapidly as possible, nominally by 2026. I continue to believe our families, communities, tribes, and nations require a massive reset and jubilee, with constitutional amendments that reset systems and push power back out to individuals and localities and forge a New Covenant as One Citizenship Under God. And I continue to believe that 2024 may be the last opportunity for humanity to prevent a disorderly collapse of the Existing Order as we thought we knew it.

We are rapidly approaching the end of our personal resource runway and continuing to do our best to Seek First The Kingdom of God and trust that all other provision will follow. The Critical Path of the universal project can advance in proportion to the time, energy, attention, and resources directed at it.

If you are one of Us, we invite you to join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement. Or email at J@Lionsberg.org with your ideas, inspirations, and what you might be able to bring to the table.

My intention is to forge a persistent and growing community helping one another and all creation advance beyond the Meta Crisis towards The Goal.

It is all on the line. You are here for a reason. The world needs you. It would be a deep honor to serve you as we advance together towards The Goal.

Onward in Faith, Hope, and Love,

~ J

P.S. On the 2024 United States Presidential Election

If you are wondering about the US Presidency in 2024, as we have said from the outset it is not possible to reclaim our democracy by “running for President” in our presently corrupt, deceitful and failing system. Any such effort is dead on arrival, and we are presently watching hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted in that process.

However it is possible for the wise center two thirds of a tribe or nation to arise, unite and sweep a transformative New Vision and Plan into being. I am not campaigning for the US Presidency. I am campaigning for the Kingdom of God. Because I believe that life or death for hundreds of millions or billions of people depends upon the existing systems not collapsing into chaos or rising into totalitarian order, I will continue advocating for a constitutional amendment in the United States that would reset the American Experiment, shrink the federal government by at least 80%, decentralize and redistribute power and authority back to states and localities, and make the US among the first nations to enact and embody the New Covenant. If the people of the United States decide this plan is superior to status quo, I am willing to implement the plan.

If the citizens of America so desired, we could accomplish this by Citizen Led organizing in each state, and a coordinated write-in campaign with front and back end block chain audits on an electoral system that both parties have claimed is corrupt. I recognize this sounds ridiculous at first, and would be unprecedented in US or human history. However if God and We The People will it to be, it is entirely socially and mathematically possible. Because the Mission of the Kingdom involves the total realignment of power and authority on Earth, realigning the world’s existing center of power and gaining access to our common storehouse of resources and capabilities laid up in the United States government would be a substantial boon and accelerant to the Mission. Additionally, it is likely that the spiritual war will continue to spill over into the physical world, and We will need substantial military and logistical capabilities which at present exist only in sufficiently organized quantities in the United States and its alliances.

In the event Americans decide to forgo what is likely the final opportunity to reset the American experiment before it ceases to exist, our efforts to co-create a perpetual global Community / Force For Good will be of immense value as we work together to navigate the reset of the existing order.

It would be incredibly foolish and likely genocidal to consciously allow the existing order to undergo a disorderly collapse. A voluntary and consciously designed transcendence into an intentionally designed Future is a far superior and less risky strategy. However it is up to Us, the people, to decide. Those of us who desire to do so can immediately find One Another and begin regardless of the outcome for any specific tribe or nation. I will be on the battlefield if you would like to join us.

Visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement, or email me at J@Lionsberg.org.