Introduction to Lionsberg


Welcome to Lionsberg.

Bottom Line Up Front

As we face collectively into the Meta Crisis, there is a self-evident need for free and enlightened citizens to arise, unite, and work together outside of the existing social structures to forthrightly meet this crucial moment in history and forge the Just, Free, and Flourishing future we all desire.

In 2017, Jordan Nicholas Sukut and allies began building the infrastructure and laying the groundwork for an unprecedented Citizen Led Response to the crises and opportunities that are now at hand.

After millions of dollars, millions of words, thousands of hours, and dozens of convenings invested, we believe it is time to coalesce the human and capital commitments required to spread the message publicly and enact the New Vision and Plan.

We are seeking a courageous tribe of Individuals to commit the human and financial capital required to advance The Quest, come what may.


On the collective journey of humanity towards its destiny, we are facing a Meta Crisis of epic proportion. This multifaceted challenge jeopardizes our civilization's foundations, our freedom, and life as we know it. As the old systems quake and groan, Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming.

Individuals and Localities

As chaos and tyranny vie for control at the higher levels of abstraction, down here on the ground We The People of Goodwill are busy raising our families, living our lives, cultivating our land, running our businesses, and doing our best, while trying to shield our families and communities from the chaos, corruption, and ideological parasites besetting society.

Down here on the ground, everyday heroes are already on the front lines of every battle to mitigate suffering, set things back in order, and make our world a better place for children and grandchildren.

Yet in isolation, we all lack the transformative power required to forge the Truthful, Loving, Wise, Just and Good future we all desire, and time is running short.


Lionsberg is emerging in response to the self-evident need for free and enlightened citizens to arise, unite, and work together to meet this crucial moment in history.

Our Aim is to coalesce and forge, out of the diverse many citizens of Goodwill around the world, a self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Higher Order Functional Unity / Movement / Force For Good that:

  1. Is entirely independent of the existing societal structures
  2. Is united in service of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good
  3. Rapidly develops the pragmatic capabilities required to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities at hand

Our hypothesis is that this Citizen Led Response cannot succeed merely in the Ideal, and requires a pragmatic unifying message, platform and operating system to succeed. Having been unable to identify one, we have been hard at work co-creating one.

Who Not How

Because the solutions must emerge from the bottom up through the voluntary collaboration of individuals and localities, our focus is on coalescing, enlightening, and empowering individuals, teams, and communities.

Rather than trying to predict how to solve every problem facing humanity, we are focused on progressively uniting the right individuals to work together in autonomous, self-sustaining and self-replicating teams to build meaningful relationships, forge meaningful teams, solve meaningful problems, and accomplish meaningful goals in service of our overarching and uniting Meta Goal.


1. The Whole

As a Whole, Lionsberg is responsible for inspiring, enlightening, and coalescing the right people, and building The Platform and Commons of shared wisdom, knowledge, resources, relationships, infrastructure, services, and support that empowers The Movement of those who respond.

This includes widespread campaigns to educate and enlighten a growing percentage of the free thinking population about the crises facing humanity, the erosive threats to individual and local values and freedoms, and the Lionsberg alternative. This creates a Tipping Point strategy centered around a shift in paradigm / narrative / story, leading to passionate and engaged action across a growing movement.

2. Individuals, Teams, and Localities

Each autonomous and self-sustaining individual, team, and locality is responsible for their own self-governance, progress, and self-replication, and for contributing back more than they receive from The Commons.

This structurally connected team of teams approach goes beyond merely calling for transformation, into the pragmatic training, equipping, and replicating of aligned individuals, teams, and localities.

It is expected that individuals, teams, and localities will spend 10 to 20% of their Time, Energy, and Attention communicating, coordinating and strengthening the Whole, and 80% to 90% of their attention on their local quarterly goals and Quests.

3. Goals, Impact, and Incentive

The Meaningful Work we accomplish via the growing Team of Teams is aligned, measured, and validated by the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System. It is designed to eventually be quantified and rewarded via the revolutionary Lionsberg Currency that fundamentally redefines and aligns the notion of Value beyond the failing fiat currencies.

4. Stories of Transformation

Successes are packaged up and broadcast via Stories of Transformation that drive the Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel.

5. Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel

This systematic and structured approach to movement building and Value Creation enables a resourcing and engagement flywheel to draw support from a diverse array of sources who can visualize and value the impact we are co-creating via dashboards and reporting, from crowd-funders, to foundations, to grants, to high net worth individuals, to members of the movement giving back out of the abundance of value they are co-creating.

Additionally, by investing the resources generated in the co-creation and strengthening of teams and organizations who are producing measurable Value and tithing back to strengthen the Whole, we aim to forge an eternally self-sustaining and regenerative ecosystem of for-profit and for-purpose initiatives.

6. A New Operating System

Ultimately, the Lionsberg System is designed as a comprehensive new human operating system, serving and enabling transformative collaboration and resource flows across The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, while solving the problem of Individual and Local Agency, Empowerment, and Collaboration in the face of the Meta Crisis.

7. Emergence, Transformation, and Continuous Improvement

Humbly understanding that We Do Not Know, the entire Lionsberg structure and movement is designed to continuously transform and emerge as we learn and grow together, while remaining eternally rooted upon the Supreme Foundation and Core Values that guide our Quest towards The Goal.

The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity

The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity from 2023 to 2030 may be the last opportunity in generations to vanquish the rising forces of chaos and totalitarian control threatening society. During this period of time, we have the opportunity pre-collapse to voluntarily arise and unite to win the spiritual battle for our collective soul, to transcend and transform existing laws and institutions, to reestablish the individual, community, and locality as the Locus of Sovereignty and authority on Earth, and to forge a Higher Order Functional Unity among people of Goodwill as One Citizenship Under God.

An Unprecedented Citizen Led Response

Knowing that the existing corrupted institutions are incapable of leading and moving in this window of time, we are coalescing an unprecedented Citizen Led response, connected and empowered by the Lionsberg System.

A Call to Arms and Commitment

With generations of flourishing or suffering hanging in the balance, this is not the time for division or complacency. We must arise and unite, harnessing our collective wisdom, strength, and resources to confront the challenges at hand and co-create the future we seek.

We are seeking committed individuals and resources for the battles and pathway that lie ahead. It is time for a passionately committed tribe to embark on The Quest towards The Goal.

If you believe you are a match for this courageous, dangerous and visionary undertaking, please reach out to and we will open a three-way dialogue with the person who referred you.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

Jordan Nicholas Sukut