Jordan's Guide To Lionsberg

Hello friends,

Welcome to a bridge between worlds.

The depth and breadth of the concept of Lionsberg can be confusing and overwhelming at times, so I am writing this guide from my perspective as the co-creator of Lionsberg.

I say co-creator because everything here has been inspired by and accomplished in partnership with the Creator and dozens of other contributors.

The Quest Towards Our Destiny

Each of us, and all of us together as a human species aboard planet Earth, are on an epic Quest towards our best and highest destiny. We have made great progress, suffered tragedies and setbacks, and learned and grown along the way.

Something Is Deeply Wrong

As we evaluate Where We Are and Where We Are Going, we all can sense that Something Is Deeply Wrong. The vast majority of humanity understands that We Are On The Wrong Track and headed in the wrong direction. What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We Want To Go.

We Are Facing a Meta Crisis

We are sensing this because it is true. Humanity is facing an unprecedented Meta Crisis. The coming 7 to 10 years may be among the most challenging in history as we grapple with centuries of dysfunction and mismanagement of the human enterprise.

Humanity is Deeply Divided

At a time when we need to be working together more than every to Confront And Overcome The Meta Crisis and Forge A Flourishing Future for All, Humanity Is Deeply Divided.

Yet in isolation, our siloed and fragmented activities all lack the true transformational power required to avoid failure, and succeed.

The Chasm

The result is that we are hurtling towards a great chasm that stands between Where We Are, and the flourishing, abundant, and secure future we all desire for our loved ones.


We have co-created Lionsberg as a Way for humanity to leap across the chasm into a flourishing and abundant New Era, and to avoid being dashed upon the rocks of Chaos that lie at the end of our present trajectory.

Lionsberg is simply a mythical name that brings together powerful spiritual symbolism into a New Vision and Plan for humanity.

At present, it is a New Story and a New Vision and Plan, as well as a concrete and pragmatic New System to empower humanity to bring the Vision and Story into Reality.

The Plan

The plan is to:

  1. Speak Truth and Wisdom and broadcast the New Vision and Plan for humanity
  2. Awaken and inspire the global community
  3. Connect and empower the global community
  4. Elect an Independent US President in 2024
  5. Work together to design and build a flourishing and abundant New World for all

A Personal Story As A Bridge

If you'd like to know more about where the story originates from, my life is an open book, and I would be happy to share it with you. It may be that the more you get to know me, the more the mythical story I am living in and telling will make sense.

Jordan Nicholas - Links to my main page on the Lionsberg Wiki, including social media links, blog and YouTube links, etc.
Jordan's Short Story - A short personal story Jordan's Guide to Lionsberg - (You Are Here)

A Mythical Story As A Bridge

The more I grew to understand the eternal and universal Story, the more I came to understand that it had to be incarnated here, on Earth, in our own perceived time and place.

Because it cannot be told or understood literally, the Story has to be told mythologically.

While it is an extraordinary challenge, I was deeply compelled to begin co-creating a mythical place called Lionsberg in which we could begin to act out and Embody the Logos and Way of Being of the New World.

If enough people simply decided to act it out, as if it were a game we could voluntarily choose to play together, the New World would progressively in-break, displace the Old World, and becomes our present Reality. This is because we are the ones who are creating our existing reality. We therefore have the power, authority, and responsibility to change it.

The Story of Lionsberg is the story of an epic Quest out of the bondage and suffering of the Old World, into an entirely regenerated New World.

It is an experiment. It might work. The future might hinge on it.

Your Story

If this is going to work, we are going to have to work on it together. I need your help.

This means that we are going to need to see if we can Align Your Story with the Meta Story.

Would you be willing to in engage in an experiment with me and see what happens? The world needs you, and you have a unique and important role to play. The New World cannot become our Reality until we All decide to play the same overarching and uniting Game, and live in the same overarching and uniting Story.

To begin articulating Your Story and finding Your Place in the universal puzzle, visit Your Starting Point.

Why Write This Guide

At first, Lionsberg may appear confusing or disorienting, especially as it is being co-created openly and transparently as part of the Story.

One of the most confusing parts initially, that I hope will be among the most helpful parts in the end, is the Language of Lionsberg.

In the short term, it would have been far easier to adopt an existing set of Language to talk about the Most Important Things. However we discovered that by using existing words, we immediately lost and alienated everyone who had been programmed to think those were the words of the enemy.

We considered the approach taken by many families: Do not discuss religion, politics, or the Deepest things.

However it appears obvious that our systems of belief and ways of organizing and governing ourselves are among the principle causes of our present division and suffering.

So it might not work... everyone might get confused and run away... but despite the risks I am following my deep intuition that bringing us all back together is going to require that we find our unique places in an epic Story big enough to unite us all.

The language in The Book of Lionsberg and throughout the Lionsberg System is written from the standpoint of "We". As an individual I cannot comment or speak from the Voice of Lionsberg.

So I am writing this guide from the standpoint of an Author and Co-Creator of the Story to let you know what I think the Story is about, and what I believe is trying emerge through it.

Lionsberg and Religion

Lionsberg can be a confusing place at first because it intently focuses on and grapples with the Deepest and Most Important Things, while not subordinating those discussions to any one religion.

Over time Lionsberg will begin functioning in all the ways that any community or nation must function. One of the critical lessons from history is the importance of preserving the Freedom for each individual to rightly relate to God and the world around them in their own unique way, without being subordinated to any one State Religion or Ideology.

If you would like to know more about how I personally think about this, see Lionsberg And Religion.

My Faith

If you are curious about my personal journey and experience with Faith, please see Jordan and Faith. And please know that whatever your background and beliefs, I love you and I appreciate you because God loves and appreciates you. You are my family. We All flow from One Source and Sustainer of our life, our breath, and our consciousness. Everyone who wants to be here is welcome to the banquet table that has been prepared, regardless of where any of us are on our unique Quest. See Jordan and Faith.

Introduction to the Language and Concepts of Lionsberg

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