The Invitation

Cycle 1, February 2024

I would like to invite you to the adventure of a lifetime.

A Context of Crisis and Change

As you know from Above The Chaos and the Lionsberg Wiki Books, my Current Best Understanding is that we are facing a Meta Crisis of unprecedented proportion.

In 10 years, our lives and our world will look dramatically different. Armed with tools 10x more powerful than anything humanity has possessed in history, the vessel of society will rapidly accelerate towards the logical end of the trajectory we choose.

I am deeply concerned that our current trajectory is fundamentally defined by deep patterns of failure, including abjectly corrupt power structures weaponizing deceit and ever-more-powerful tools and technologies to keep humanity and our planet divided, conquered, and exploited.

There is a significant non-zero probability that the corrupted existing Order is failing, and that what is rising to take its place on the other side of Collapse and World War will be worse.

Good News

But there is good news.

If we choose to Love One Another, Help One Another, and Aim Up at the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, in partnership with One and All we can confront and overcome the challenges at hand and forge a future for All that is better than Any has enjoyed in the past.

It simply requires that enough people believe and unite. Quickly enough.

How We Got Here

Anticipating this moment, over the last seven years, I worked with allies around the world to forge a vision, system, platform, strategy, and plan to invite humanity to wake up, change course, avert catastrophe, and work together to co-create the best possible future for All.

The last two years, the technological backbone was tested with hundreds of groups in dozens of countries, and we experimented and learned that the only unit of agency on earth that can move and respond quickly and wisely enough is the Individual.

Where We Are Going

Over the next seven years, as the world shakes and transforms in unprecedented ways, the simple plan is for each individual on earth to receive an invitation (or 10) from those they know and love to voluntarily join us on a Quest towards the Best Possible Future For All.

Along the Way, we will work to forge New Systems that retain the best features of our existing world, while affording the significant new benefits, capabilities, and higher order functional unity required to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand as we face into a New Millennium.

The Journey will require that we pass through a series of gates, learning how to make decisions together, resource and provision one another, leverage our most advanced knowledge and technology, and forge regenerative New Culture and Norms, while passing the flame to the rising generations.

Progress will be made via a decentralized array of self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating teams, advancing and navigating together as a Tribe of Tribes / Group of Groups.

Succeeding in The Quest requires that we work together to awaken and liberate every individual and locality from all forms of suffering, injustice, and oppression... and venture together through the Milestones and Challenges that mark the Way towards The Goal.

An Invitation to the Adventure of a Lifetime

In Running The Play, I laid out a simple way to begin.

It simply requires that a wise right group of initial individuals commit to working together to do whatever is required to iterate the next cycle and advance the play. Come what may.

Because the Lionsberg domain is invitation only, the first participants will be crucial in shaping the Culture, forming the early Teams, inviting in subsequent members, and ensuring that The Quest progresses, avoids failure, and succeeds.

This invitation to The Fellowship of The Quest is a daring call to adventure into the Unknown, to Progress towards The Goal, and to do what has not been done before in service of One and All.

An Offer, and Request

What I have to offer each participant is all that I am, the adventure of a lifetime, and a transformational program of personal development that will not leave any of us the same. Additionally, I can offer membership in Lionsberg, and thereby access to the Community and Commons of resources, relationships, infrastructure, and technology we have curated together as an empowering starting point. We have invested and sacrificed millions of dollars and far more blood, sweat and tears to create the starting point. It is my free gift to you.

What I request of each Player is a Commitment to play by The Rules, to co-operate in a Spirit of Power and Love, and to reciprocally contribute a reliable percentage of your available flow of time and resources to help advance the Critical Path towards The Goal.

All Progress will be made by decentralized, self-governing and autonomous Teams that Players are responsible for self-organizing. Teams can leverage the Lionsberg infrastructure to raise funds and resource aligned Quests. Teams will share the first 1/10th of their available flow of time and resources to coordinating with, governing and empowering the Whole as we advance together in harmony towards The Goal.

Conclusion and Call to Action

With the future of humanity and life on earth hanging in the balance, I invite you to join me for the adventure of a lifetime.

Please let me know via email or text if you would like to play ASAP. As soon as the first individuals accept The Invitation, The Quest will begin.

It is all on the line. This may be our last shot for generations to come. Let's not fail.

Onward Towards The Goal,

~ J

P.S. if you would like to catch up in more detail, see Above The Chaos, or in particular Jordan's January 2024 Manifesto and January 2024 Letter to Friends, Loved Ones, and Network.

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