Lionsberg One Pager (v.04)

Welcome to Lionsberg.

The Quest of Humanity

As humanity embarks on the next stage of its Quest toward its Destiny, we face a Meta Crisis of unparalleled magnitude.

The Meta Crisis

The Meta Crisis is not a single issue, but a Total Nested Hierarchy of existential threats stemming from one Meta Threat - our way of being and relating to one another, nature, and the Divine. This multifaceted challenge jeopardizes our civilization's foundations, our freedom, and life as we know it.

The 7 Year Window

Our Current Best Understanding is that we have entered The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity. During this time, humanity will experience The Great Transformation, potentially leading us towards a heavenly or hellish existence for generations to come, depending on the conscious choices made by Citizens around the world. Our decisions will shape the destiny of Future Generations.

The Corruption and Failure of Existing Systems

At a time we need them most, existing systems, institutions, and power structures have become corrupt, stagnant, and blind, unwilling and unable to address the existential threats at hand with courage and wisdom.

Heroes on the Front Lines

Around the world, Citizens of Goodwill are rallying to the front lines, striving to alleviate suffering and improve our world. However in isolation, we lack the transformational resources, relationships, and capacity to truly address the Root Causes of the Meta Crisis and forge The Future we all desire.

Higher Order Functional Unity

In these crucial moments, it is our sacred responsibility as Citizens to arise as a diverse, united Force For Good, safeguarding the freedom and prosperity of our families, communities, society, and planet. Achieving this necessitates voluntary uniting ourselves into a Higher Order Functional Unity capable of meeting needs, solving problems, and accomplishing goals.

An Unprecedented Citizen Led Response

Realizing that the solutions to the Meta Crisis cannot emerge from the corrupt systems and structures causing it, we have diligently spent the past years laying the foundations for a historic Citizen Led Response through a new purpose-built platform known as Lionsberg. The platform is intended to serve and a backbone and neural network to connect and empower the Force For Good.

Raising a Standard

We are Raising A Standard by setting forth the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan - a bold, transformative and comprehensive strategy empowering Citizens to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis at individual, local and global levels while navigating us toward a regenerative, just, and thriving future.

We are also unveiling a gamified infrastructure for The Movement called The Great Game of Lionsberg and the Lionsberg Platform, created to serve, strengthen, equip and unite the decentralized Force For Good.

A Call to Arms

This is not the time for division or complacency. We must unite, harnessing our collective wisdom, strength, and resources to confront the challenges at hand and co-create The Future we seek.

Lionsberg is an independent Vision, Strategy, System, Platform and Plan of Action that we, the Citizens of Earth, can immediately implement with No Dependencies to vanquish the Meta Crisis and build a Brighter Future for our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come.

To take immediate action:

  1. Complete the Manifesto Response Form
  2. Read The Books
  3. Join The Platform
  4. Play The Game
  5. Prepare For The Great Transformation
  6. Spread The Word

With Love, In Community,

~ J

Jordan Nicholas Sukut