Lionsberg Manifesto

Version 2023.10.10

Standing at the Crossroads of History

Fellow Citizens,

We, the free Citizens of the world, stand at the crossroads of history. A New Era is emerging as another fades, signaling that an unprecedented transformation is at hand. In light of this quantum tectonic shift, it is self-evident that the systems and approaches that brought us here will not carry us forward to where we want to go, and our future will be unlike our past.

From every corner of the Earth, tribes and nations face a myriad of complex challenges that threaten our way of life, our economies, our institutions, our environments, and the very fabric of our shared existence. These crises have culminated in an interconnected and unparalleled Meta Crisis that threatens the security and wellbeing of every Citizen on Earth.

At this critical moment, the leaders and institutions we once trusted have faltered and revealed their corruption, collusion and willful blindness, lacking the courage, wisdom, and integrity to confront and overcome the urgent crises we face.

From our present vantage point, we can see clearly the perilous path towards failure and decline that lies along our current trajectory, and the looming specters of chaos and oppression that lie in wait should we remain complacent and divided, or stumble and fall.

Yet even at this late hour, amidst these tribulations, there remains cause for Hope. The Meta Threat we face guards a treasure of extraordinary worth - an unrivaled opportunity to awaken and unite a movement that reignites the fire of Faith and Hope around the world, spurring collective action towards The Future we all long for.

A United, Citizen Led Response

The Meta Crisis and the Crisis of Faith in our leaders and institutions underscore the urgent need for a united Citizen Led Response to this pivotal moment in history.

The Lionsberg Manifesto is a rallying cry, a passionate call to action for each of us to join forces and work together to forge a brighter, more prosperous future.

We acknowledge the gravity of these circumstances and we recognize the enormity of our task. The time has come to awaken and take up our rightful responsibility and authority over the helm of our collective destiny as we navigate together towards The Future we seek. It is time to forge a New Path that resurrects our shared Vision and Values, upholds our common humanity, and regenerates our society and our planet for all current and future generations.

In the spirit of the great leaders and visionaries who have come before us, we offer up this Lionsberg Manifesto as our battle cry and prayer for a Brighter Future for All.

Our Collective Inquiry

As we gather beyond the ideologies and structures that have separated us in the past, we offer up the following questions for dialogue and discernment:

  1. VISION - What are the key features and acceptance criteria of a Vision vast, positive, and inspiring enough to unite us All? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve the Vision expressed in New Vision and Plan?
  2. ANALYSIS - What are the current forces and conditions bearing upon our families, communities, tribes, and nations? What conditions must we transform or co-create to foster the Liberty, Agency, and Responsibility necessary to advance towards our shared Vision and Values? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve the Analysis expressed in New Vision and Plan?
  3. ENGAGEMENT: Who are the stakeholders whose lives will be shaped by the success or failure of our families, communities, tribes, and nations at this crossroads in history? Who should have a seat at the table and a voice as we work together to design and build the society and world that future generations will inherit? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve the Engagement Strategy expressed in New Vision and Plan?
  4. STRATEGY AND PLANNING: What wise strategies and plans of action can we undertake to progress from our present situation to our envisioned Destiny? Which strategies and plans of action have been attempted and failed, and what missteps should we avoid repeating? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve the Strategy and Plan expressed in New Vision and Plan?
  5. ACTION: How can we encourage, equip and empower every Citizen on Earth with the resources, tools, and support needed to take individual and local action in support of our shared Goals and Values? How can we co-create a culture of courage, resilience, and perseverance in the face of the coming challenges that may easily overwhelm us? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve the Quality and Quantity of Action expressed in support of the New Vision and Plan?
  6. CONTINUOUS LEARNING AND IMPROVEMENT: How can we forge a culture of wisdom, retrospection, and continuous learning and improvement? How can we learn not only from our own successes and failures, but also from the triumphs and setbacks of others, past and present? How can we collaborate to refine and continuously improve all aspects of the New Vision and Plan and The Movement towards it?

Our Offering and Invitation

As we enter The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity, we are inviting the public to review the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan - a bold, transformative strategy that empowers Citizens to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis at individual, local and global scales, charting a Way toward a regenerative, just, and flourishing future.

Our Aim is to coalesce Citizens of Goodwill into an independent, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Higher Order Functional Unity capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems at hand.

If you are one of us, please join us.

Our Shared Destiny

We acknowledge the monumental task that lies ahead. May the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration, a guiding light to illuminate the path forward as we embark on this Quest together. Guided by the hand of Providence and armed with the Lionsberg System and the Word of Truth, we are the architects of our own Destiny and the co-creators of our Future.

Together, let use arise and unite to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and forge The Future we all desire - a future that thrives on the principles of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, and Liberty for All. Let us vanquish Corruption, Injustice, and Oppression in all their forms, and lift one another up towards our highest shared Destiny. May the Lionsberg Manifesto and New Vision and Plan rekindle the flame of Faith and Hope within us All, as we take action to Progress together towards The Future that can be brighter, more flourishing, and more regenerative in every way than the past we are leaving behind.

Next Steps

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To learn more, visit Lionsberg Wiki Books to view the foundational literature.

It's time to move.