1.1 The Purpose of the Game - Co-Creating the New World

The Great Game of Lionsberg is designed with an overarching goal in mind: to co-create the New World as envisioned in the New Vision and Plan. This higher-order purpose of bringing the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into reality for the benefit of All serves as the foundation upon which all aspects of the game are built. It is the driving force that unites players from all walks of life and inspires them to work together towards a shared Vision of a more just, loving, and regenerative world.

The Game aims to provide a framework for individuals, families, communities, and organizations to engage with One Another in a cooperative and collaborative manner. By working together, players can create a powerful collective force for change. The New World is more than just a concept; it is a tangible outcome that can be achieved by applying the principles and practices of The Great Game of Lionsberg to our daily lives and work.

One crucial element of co-creating the New World is developing a New Operating System for humanity. This system is designed to be adaptive, resilient, and inclusive, allowing players to contribute their unique skills, perspectives, and resources to address the complex challenges that we face today. Through the game, players learn to embrace the principles of New Vision and Plan, such as collaboration, unity, and stewardship, which help to guide their actions and decisions in the game and beyond.

In essence, The Great Game of Lionsberg invites players to embark on a transformative Quest, where they can actively participate in the co-creation of the New World. By engaging with the game's principles, tools, and resources, players can develop the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to bring about positive change in their own lives, groups and the world around them. Together, we can co-create the New World, one step at a time, and make the New Vision and Plan a reality.

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