1.2 The Challenge of the Game - Confronting and Overcoming the Meta Crisis

The Great Game of Lionsberg is designed to help players confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, a term used to describe the complex web of interconnected global challenges that threaten the very fabric of our societies and our planet. The Meta Crisis encompasses various dimensions, such as environmental degradation, socioeconomic injustice, poverty, famine, corruption, division, and war, all of which are intertwined, share Root Causes, and demand comprehensive solutions.

To effectively address the Meta Crisis, players must learn to recognize the connections between these challenges and work together to develop innovative strategies and interventions that can address the Root Causes and create lasting Impact. This requires a radical shift in our thinking, values, and behavior patterns, which The Game aims to facilitate through its various mechanics and learning experiences.

As players progress through The Game, they will face various challenges, dilemmas, and opportunities that reflect real-world situations. These experiences are designed to help players develop a deeper understanding of the root causes of the Meta Crisis and cultivate the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to confront and overcome these challenges.

The Great Game of Lionsberg encourages players to adopt a holistic, systems-oriented perspective and apply the principles of collaboration, stewardship, and unity to address the Meta Crisis. By doing so, players can identify leverage points and opportunities for collective action that can lead to transformative change.

Ultimately, overcoming the Meta Crisis is not only the central challenge of the game but also the key to unlocking the potential for co-creating the New World. By working together to address the Meta Crisis, players can help to shape a future that is more just, loving, and regenerative for all.

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