Above The Chaos, The World's Simplest Plan

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.17 (updated 2024.01.19)

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2023 felt a little like the parable of the wedding feast. Found in Matthew 22, the parable is about a king who prepares a great wedding feast, and sends his servants out to invite his friends, saying "Behold... I have prepared my dinner;.... everything is ready. Come to the wedding feast!" But everyone was too busy and went their separate ways, to their farm, their business, a family funeral, etc., and they abuse the servants. So the king sends his armies, destroys them, burns their city, and then sends his servants out to the main roads to invite whoever they find. And the wedding hall is filled with guests.

In 2024, I am shifting focus from hoping the leaders and networks can self-organize and navigate their governance, power structures, alliances, and limitations...

...to focusing on everyday people like Us, who understand that none of Us like the way things are going, that radical change is required, and that it is up to Us.

The simple plan is to focus on identifying and onboarding Citizens who resonate with The Message to The Movement and the Lionsberg Community / Army / Force For Good.

Then, Training and Practicing together and making our shared community, systems, capabilities and experience a little better every day.

The simple plan is to Seek First The Kingdom Of God, and trust that everything else will be accomplished and realized as a result. One day at a time.

By separating out those who resonate with The Message and want to move, train and practice together in a systematic Way from those who don't, we gain the opportunity to continuously improve a System purpose-built to create Throughput of The Goal.

If you are one of Us, visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement.

P.S. Of course, as The Movement grows, we will still do (something like) everything called for in The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0.

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