3. Engagement

As articulated in 1. Intention, we are currently approaching 8 billion people on earth.

These 8 billion people live in about 4.5 million different villages, towns, and cities, which can be more appropriately localized to say 10 million communities.

The System will ultimately need to be connected, ideally by 2030 and no later than 2040, with approximately:

  • 10 billion Individuals
  • 1 billion Teams
  • 100 million Organizations
  • 10 million Communities
  • The Entire Living System

Let us further say that these billions of elements will be in a constant state of transformation as each of the billions of elements advances through its Lifecycle.

The Program should develop an intelligent Plan of engagement based on a tipping point strategy, that can be effectively monitored and updated on a weekly / monthly basis to ensure that the System is operating at a pace that is capable of accomplishing the Goal within the amount of Time available.

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