Day 16 - The Vision and Values of the New World - Resurrecting our True Destiny, Aim and Goal

Hello Visionary Pioneers, Welcome to Day 16 of our transformative Quest. Today, we turn our gaze outward towards the horizon, to the inspiring Vision and Values of the New World we we are arising and uniting to Co-Create. As we traverse this path of discovery, we awaken to our Divine Beginning and End, remember our True Identity, and recognize that we are not just passive inhabitants or victims of this world, but free and empowered Co-Creators of its Destiny.

Each one of us, imbued with the spark of the Divine, possesses the Potential to consciously transform and shape the world around us. Every being is born into the world with some unique genius and gift, some unique instrument to play in the emergent Divine Symphony. Each one of us was created with the power, potential, and mandate to change the world for the better. We are not mere bystanders in the grand play of life; we are its protagonists, called upon to resurrect and lift up our True Destiny, Aim, and Goal, and partner with the Creator and All Creation to advance towards it in harmony and unison.

From Self-Discovery to Co-Creating Worlds

Our journey towards the The Goal began with self-discovery, with remembering who we truly are – uniquely and wonderfully made beings born of the Ultimate Creator, united in our Divine Origin, and inalienably endowed with all the Rights and Responsibilities that accompany permanent membership in the One Family, One Body, and One Sovereignty of the Creator. This profound realization of our Divine Identity is a turning point in our existence, the catalyst that propels us from mere existence into purposeful and conscious living in Divine Co-Creative Partnership. It liberates us from the oppression of whatever Time and Space we might find our Selves thrown into, reminding us that all temporal and local power and authority on Earth are subject to the One Supreme Authority of the Universe.

Once we rediscover our True Identity, we awaken to our Co-Creative Potential – the potential to partner with the Creator and One Another to manifest the Highest Divine Will and Intention right here on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Our Vision broadens, our hearts and minds expand to embrace the entire Cosmos and All Creation with Wisdom and Love, and we become Conscious Co-Creators of our Reality. We finally recognize that our thoughts, words, and actions are not isolated events or separate, but integral threads woven into the fabric of One Highest and Deepest Existence.

There could not be a more significant shift. This is the pivotal moment of our existence. The point on the arc of self-discovery and self-realization where we reach the end of our efforts to emerge, individuate and protect our perceived self, and begin The Great Return towards Unity and Co-Creation with One Another and the One Creating and Sustaining our lives and Universe.

This is not only an individual journey, it is a collective one as well. The core defining issue at this crucial moment in history is whether enough of us around the world can simultaneously waken, arise, and unite as the One Body we are destined to be, and advance towards our One Mission and Goal. This is the sole mission, purpose, and Goal of Lionsberg, and of our lives - to Help One Another become who we were created to be.

As Conscious Co-Creators, we bear a sacred responsibility to be the living embodiment of the Highest Divine Will and Intention. This is not a burdensome duty, but an honor and privilege, for it aligns us with our True Nature and brings us into ever-more-perfect-harmony with the Supreme Divine Order, the Logos of the universe, and its Source.

Visioning the New World

On our Quest to become Conscious Co-Creators of the New World, one of the first things we must learn is how to See Beyond.

Vision is the sustaining, encouraging, aligning, and impelling pre-requisite to meaningful Progress. Two or three people cannot Move together unless they are aligned and moving towards the same Aim. This requires shared Vision.

So what Vision is big enough to unite us All?

As in all Ultimate answers, there is only One, and it has been illuminated and spoken from its Source through a myriad of inspired mouths over the millennia. It is the Vision of the New World or the World To Come.

The universal and eternal Vision and Values of the New World, validated by prophets and sages from so many tribes, nations, peoples, times, and places, is not a utopian dream, but a realizable and destined future guided by our Divine Identity and shaped by our Highest Aspirations. It is a universal and eternal Vision of the Way our lives and Reality could, should, and would be, if we only consciously became the kind of creatures who naturally and harmoniously Co-Created such Realities. If we only left-behind and transcended the Patterns of Failure and Death, and chose to Consciously Embody and Enact the Patterns of Success and Life; the Pattern Language that causes All Creation to spiral upwards towards the fullness of Its Co-Creative Potential and Flourish in Harmony, Abundance, and Shalom.

Perhaps for the first time in history, and perhaps for the last time in centuries or millennia, at this unique moment of The Human Story, we have an unprecedented opportunity to consciously and collaboratively reimagine, redesign, and rebuild our lives and our world; to paint a New Picture of life on Earth that reflects our Divine Origin, Potential and Destiny.

This New World is not merely an incremental change or an improved version of the Old World, but a complete transformation – a rebirth – a reNewal - a metamorphosis - rooted in the principles of Diverse Unity, Wisdom, Justice, and Co-Creation.

In this New World, our relationships with each other and with the natural world are transformed. We move beyond the false paradigms of separation, competition, and mutual exploitation, and embrace New Patterns of collaboration, reciprocity, and generosity rooted in the understanding of our fundamental interexistence, permeated by Love, and guided by Wisdom and Truth. Our interactions are no longer guided by fear, perceived scarcity, or self-interest, but by Love, abundance, and the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All, recognizing that what we do or do not do unto any other aspect of Creation, we do or do not do unto our Selves and our Source. This awesome, loving and fearful understanding is the beginning of Wisdom.

Although we rooting our transformational Quest in the Story of The Exodus, in Reality this New World is not a place we need to reach, but an existing Potential Reality we need to awaken to, embody, and enact. It exists here and now, it is right at hand. Reach out and touch it! Its Logos is written on our hearts and minds. At the Deepest levels, we Know it, with the kind of Non-Propositional Knowing that transcends words and even thought.

It is not something we need to wait for, but something we can immediately begin to grasp and 'pull' into Reality through our aligned and Co-Creative thoughts, words, and actions. It is something we can immediately begin to 'pull' into Reality through **Who We Are Becoming.

Our proverbial Quest is going to take us through The Wilderness, but right here, right where we are, we can begin to Enact, Embody, and Become the kinds of people who EnVision and Co-Create the New World, moment by moment, thought by thought, word by word, act by act, Vision by Vision.

Co-Creating the New World

The process of co-creating the New World requires both Vision, Progressive Articulation, and Action. It is a delicate dance between dreaming and doing, between envisioning what can be and actively becoming it and bringing it into existence. As Co-Creators, we are called to faithfully develop a clear Vision of the New World, while taking consistent and persistent action towards its Progressive Realization.

Progressive Realization unfolds reciprocally. We see and are called to something, we act faithfully, courageously, and with perseverance to manifest it into Reality, and through that process we and our Vision are simultaneously clarified, refined and expanded. As a result of our attempts to Realize and Embody our Vision, we begin to see ever more clearly That Which Is Trying To Emerge Through Us.

As we advance on this grand co-creative endeavor, we invite you to open your hearts and minds, to dream big, to unite your Vision and Consciousness to its Source, and thereby Harmonize it with One Another, to see more clearly, and to play an active role in the progressive articulation and manifestation of our shared Vision and Goal. It is a journey of hope, courage, and transformation, and each one of us has a unique and indispensable role to play.

So let us dive into this transformative journey together, exploring the Vision and Values of the New World, and kindling the fire of Divine Co-Creative Potential within us.

Key Concepts

  1. Understanding our Divine Identity: Recognizing our Divine Origin as children of the Ultimate Creator, we understand that we are endowed with immense Co-Creative Potential and the Divine Invitation and Mandate to Co-Operate as One Body to manifest and embody the Highest Divine Will and Intention right here on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

  2. Visioning the New World: The New World we are co-creating is not a far-off utopia but an immediate Potential Reality that we can bring into existence through our aligned thoughts, words, and actions. It is a world grounded in Values like unity, justice, wisdom, liberty, and love. It is an entirely ReNewed and Regenerated world. Its Logos is a Pattern Language that, if Enacted and Embodied by 8 billion human beings, causes the Potential Reality to become our Present Reality.

  3. The Power of Co-Creation: As Co-Creators, we have the power and the responsibility to shape the world around us. This involves progressively developing and holding a clear Vision of the New World (Where We Are Going) and taking consistent and persistent action towards its Progressive Realization by **Helping All Others Do The Same.


Today, take a moment to reflect on your Divine Origin and Identity as a Citizen of the One Family and One Body of the Creator, permeated, animated, empowered, and enlivened by the Source that is Creating and Sustaining the Universe. What does it mean to you to know that the Spirit and essence of the Divine lives within you? What does the invitation and calling towards Divine Partnership feel and sound like to you? How does the Potential to arise and become Co-Creator of your Reality resonate with you? Do you believe it is possible? Do you believe in your Self? What specific features or aspects of our emerging shared Vision of the New World are you inspired to Co-Create?

Imagine this New World in as much detail as possible.

  • How does it look?
  • How does it feel?
  • How does it sound?
  • How does it smell?
  • How does it taste?
  • What emotions does it evoke?
  • How do people interact with each other?
  • How do people govern them Selves and make decisions?
  • How do people relate to the plants, the animals, and the natural world?
  • How do people relate to Future Generations?
  • What Values permeate and define it?
  • What is the Central Animating Spirit that guides its subsequent transformations across Space and Time?
  • What does it look like when all Creation is rightly relating to One, One Another, and All?
  • What are the dynamics of a System in which All things are Helping One Another spiral up towards the fullness of their Unique Potential, and flourish in Diverse Harmony?
  • Can you grasp the intuition of a New World that is already perfect, yet it continues to get A Little Better Every Day as all people and all Creation work together in harmony to make it so?
  • Can you feel the Co-Creative process through which Heaven progressively descends and touches the Earth, generation after generation throughout the emerging New Millennium?

In this Vision of the New World, what unique functional calling or role do you see for your Self? What unique gifts, skills, and passions can you bring to this co-creative endeavor? What function of the One Body do you feel uniquely destined to embody and enact? What aspect of Time and Space do you feel uniquely called to be present in?

Practical Exercise

Today's exercise involves both Visioning and Manifestation.

Begin by taking a few moments to quiet your mind. Then, in your mind's eye, envision the New World as vividly as you can. Feel the love, peace, joy, and justice that permeate this world. Experience the harmony and unity of all life with as many senses as you can explore.

Now, begin to articulate Your Vision of the New World. Don't worry or become overwhelmed, you can progressively articulate Your Vision over Time.


Break the overarching and uniting Meta Vision down into its constituent elements. For example:

  • What is the experience of Governance in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Justice in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Economy in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Culture in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Values in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Society in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Learning in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Health and Wellness in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Nature / the Living System in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Communication in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Science and Technology in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Energy in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Air, Water, and Soil in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Microbiome in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Waste, Recycling, and Circular Economy in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Community Development in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Civic Engagement in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Meaningful Work in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Meaningful Relationships in the New World?
  • What is the experience of the weak and vulnerable in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Children in the New World? What is the experience of Elders in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Migrants and Refugees in the New World?
  • What is the experience of Food in the New World?
  • Who and what is included in the New World?
  • Who and what is excluded from the New World?
  • What aspects of the Old World do you Value the most, that you would like to carry forward and accentuate in the New World?
  • What aspects of the Old World are Anti-Values, that you would like to see transcended and left behind?

Imagine a Selectively Permeable Membrane around a clean, New space, where you can bring things in and fill it up with everything required for flourishing and abundant life, and remove anything that doesn't belong. This is what we are Co-Creating through Lionsberg.

Now, ask yourself: What is one small step I can take today towards the realization of this Vision? It could be as small as a thought, a word, or an action. It could be as simple as planting a seed, speaking a word of kindness, or performing an act of service. Whatever it is, ensure that it is specific, tangible, and small enough to be completed and celebrated today.

Whatever it is, commit to taking that step today. And remember, each small step we take brings us closer to the New World we envision.

Next, ask yourself: What is one meaningful step I can take this week towards the realization of this Vision? This gives you the opportunity to compose a few smaller daily steps into larger and more meaningful step Forward.

Finally, ask yourself: Can I do this alone? The unique thing about the New World is that none of us can experience it, unless and until all of us experience it. That is Why we are co-creating Lionsberg, and preparing to invite in the Second Wave. To progress towards the New World, the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fiftieth Waves must awaken, arise, and join The Movement towards The Goal.

And as the Subsequent Waves arise, each person must self-organize and Forge or Join a Group, and begin enacting and embodying their unique function. This is how the Body emerges.

Administration and Governance

In the New World, governance is not about controlling or imposing from above, but about facilitating, integrating, navigating and empowering the Body we are destined to become. It is based on principles such as unity, honor, respect, autonomy, subsidiarity, and justice.

Everyone has a voice, and every voice matters. Power is not concentrated in the hands of a few, but is distributed justly among All, flowing directly from One. Decision-making is not driven by self-interest or fear, but by Wisdom, Discernment, and the Highest Good for All.

In this New World, we are not subjects, but Co-Creators. We govern not by ruling over, but by serving under – serving under the guiding principles of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom.

Now that we are Beyond The Boundary, there is no one to govern or rule over us. We need to start learning how to organize our Selves, make decisions, and navigate together towards our Destiny. You have a voice and critical role in that Co-Creative process. Forge or Join a Group in your area of skill and calling, and let's begin functioning as a Body.

As we become One Body, we can then begin learning how to navigate through and accomplish specific milestones, goals, and objectives that mark the Way towards The Goal.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude today's exploration, let's carry forward this Vision of the New World deeply in our hearts and minds. Let us set the Highest Guiding Intention as a seal upon our hearts and minds, holding space for all that will emerge that we cannot yet see or perceive. Let us remember our Divine Identity and our role as Co-Creators of Reality and The Future. And let us commit to taking consistent, courageous and persevering action towards the Progressive Realization of our shared Vision and Goal.

May each thought, word, and action be a seed for the New World we aspire to co-create. And may we remember that, as Co-Creators and members of One Divine Family, we have the power to bring forth a world of wisdom, unity, love, and abundance – a world that reflects our True Identity, Destiny, and Goal.

As we go about our day, let's hold this Vision and the Intention from which it flows close to our hearts, allowing it to guide, align and inspire us. Remember, each thought, word, and action is a powerful tool in the co-creation of our New World. With every step we take, with every choice we make, we are weaving the image and tapestry of our shared future.

Let us go forth with joy, courage, and love. The New World awaits us. As we continue this sacred journey, let's remember that we are not alone. We are united in purpose, guided by love, and empowered by our shared vision. Together, we are bringing forth a New Era of peace, prosperity, and unity. Together, we are awakening, arising, and uniting.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

P.S. If you would like to nominate anyone to the Second Wave, please let me know by today, Monday, June 19th so that we can prioritize our collective wisdom and discernment, and so that I can attempt to fill any slots that the Pioneer Cohort leaves open.