3.12 Levels of Participation

In The Great Game of Lionsberg, there are different levels of participation for players, depending on their level of engagement and commitment. These levels include Observer, Supporter, Participant, Member, Citizen, and Steward. These levels are tied out to the deeper governance and stewardship systems of The Movement and The Lionsberg Community. Levels of Participation

  1. Observer: Observers are individuals who are interested in The Great Game of Lionsberg but have not yet committed to participating actively. They may attend events, read about the game online, or follow along with progress, but they have not yet taken any action to become more involved.

  2. Supporter: Supporters are individuals who actively support the mission and values of The Great Game of Lionsberg but are not yet fully engaged as participants. They may provide financial support or volunteer their time to help promote the game and Spread The Word, but they do not take an active role in gameplay.

  3. Participant: Participants are individuals who are actively engaged in one or more levels of gameplay within The Great Game of Lionsberg. They collaborate with others, share their skills and knowledge, and contribute to the co-creation of a more harmonious, just, and prosperous future.

  4. Member: Members are individuals who are more deeply and structurally connected to the The Great Game of Lionsberg. They work closely with others in The Game to co-create solutions that address the specific challenges and opportunities they face, and make consistent and meaningful contributions to The Game.

  5. Citizen: After 2 -3 years of active membership, players can become eligible to apply for Citizenship in Lionsberg. Citizens are individuals who are fully committed to Lionsberg's overall vision, mission and values and are actively engaged in co-creating the New World across multiple levels of gameplay. They seek to make positive changes within their families, their local communities, their nation, and the world, and they actively work to promote cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation across all levels of gameplay. Citizens have deeper Rights and Responsibilities within Lionsberg arising from their long-term committed relationship to the community.

  6. Steward: Stewards are individuals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of our shared mission and values. They are committed to creating a more harmonious, just, and regenerative future for All, and are responsible for guidance and navigation at higher levels of abstraction. They use their skills, knowledge, and resources to actively promote and facilitate gameplay and community building at all fractal levels, while guiding and navigating The Game and the broader Lionsberg Community towards The Goal.

By engaging in gameplay at different levels while advancing towards ever More Meaningful Participation, Responsibility, and Stewardship, players in The Great Game of Lionsberg can contribute to the co-creation of a more harmonious, unified, and prosperous future for all of Creation. Whether as an Observer, Supporter, Participant, Member, Citizen, or Steward, everyone has a role to play in our collective effort to co-create the New World.

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