16.8 Questions to Explore the New Vision and Plan

As we work towards developing a shared New Vision and Plan for a better future, it is essential to engage in critical thinking and introspection. The following thought-provoking questions can help guide our exploration of new possibilities, address the challenges we face, and find innovative solutions for a more resilient, just, and regenerative world.

  1. What does a just, regenerative, and thriving society look like in your imagination? How is it different from the current state of the world?

  2. Which aspects of the existing social, economic, and political systems need to be transformed or replaced to achieve the desired future?

  3. What key challenges do we face as a global society, and how can they be addressed through collective action, innovative solutions, and a renewed focus on our shared Vision and Values? See Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues for inspiration.

  4. How can we ensure that the transition to a new paradigm is just, inclusive, and leaves no one behind?

  5. What role do science, technology, and innovation play in shaping the New Vision and Plan? How can we harness their potential to benefit all of humanity and the entire Living System while minimizing potential risks?

  6. How can creativity, art, and culture contribute to fostering a new mindset and values that support the envisioned future?

  7. What are the most effective strategies for communicating the New Vision and Plan to diverse audiences, inspiring action, and building a broad movement and coalition of support?

  8. How can we engage individuals, communities, organizations, and governments in the co-creation and implementation of the New Vision and Plan?

  9. What milestones, benchmarks, or indicators can be used to measure progress towards the New Vision, and how can we adapt and refine our strategies based on ongoing feedback and learning?

  10. What are the potential unintended consequences or risks associated with the New Vision and Plan, and how can we mitigate them through careful planning and foresight?

By engaging with these questions, we can gain a deeper understanding of the complex and interconnected issues at hand, identify new opportunities for collaboration, and develop a collective roadmap towards a brighter and more resilient future.

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