16.9 Questions for Citizens to Forge Their Own Visions of the Best Possible Future

As we strive to create a better future, it is crucial for citizens and local communities to be engaged in the process and reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding the kind of world they want to live in. The following thought-provoking questions aim to help you reflect on your individual and local values, hopes, and dreams for the future. Use these questions as a guide to envision the best possible version of our society, the role you play within it, and how to progressively bring it into reality.

  1. What values and principles do you believe should guide society as we move forward?

  2. How do you envision the role of technology in improving the quality of life for all citizens?

  3. What social, political, and economic structures would best support the well-being of all members of society and the Living System that sustains them?

  4. What steps can be taken to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality education, healthcare, and other essential services? What do the next generation of these services look like in your local area or around the world?

  5. How can we foster a sense of global responsibility and cooperation among all tribes, nations and peoples to address shared challenges and opportunities?

  6. What role should governments play in promoting the common good, and how can they be held accountable for their actions?

  7. How can we create communities that are diverse, coherent, and support the unique needs and aspirations of all individuals as well as the whole?

  8. What can be done to empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their own futures and the future of their communities? What are the root causes of the present feelings of disengagement, hopelessness, and lack of agency?

  9. In what ways can we encourage innovation and creativity while also preserving our cultural heritage and traditions?

  10. How can we balance the needs of present generations with the responsibility to protect and regenerate the environment and resources for future generations?

  11. What are the key qualities and skills that people can develop in order to thrive in the future?

  12. How can we foster empathy, compassion, and understanding among people from different backgrounds and perspectives?

  13. What are the most pressing challenges that society must overcome to achieve a brighter future, and how can we work together to address them? What Ideal Visions or outcomes would manifest as a result of forthrightly confronting and overcoming the challenges?

  14. How can we ensure that the benefits of economic growth and technological advancements are shared justly among all members of society? How can we guide advanced technologies to liberate humanity towards ever more meaningful and creative expression, rather than fueling greater division and inequality?

  15. What are some ways we can promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being for individuals and communities? What does a truly healthy and flourishing individual, family, and community life look and feel like?

  16. How can we cultivate a sense of hope and optimism in the face of the uncertainty and rapid change associated with the Meta Crisis and The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity?

  17. What do you and your community value the most? What is the legacy that you want to leave for future generations, and how can you contribute to making that vision a reality?

By engaging with these questions, you are taking an active role in shaping the future. As a citizen, your voice and vision matter. Together, we can create a world that reflects our highest aspirations and shared values.

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