3.1.5 PM Backbone


Having something as simple as a reasonably high level PM Navigation Meeting requires an underlying PM Backbone / Framework before it can occur.

PM vs. Lionsberg Integrated Delivery

The Lionsberg System draws from multiple triangulated and proved fields to create a hybrid System that retains the best elements and capabilities of:

  • Lean Integrated Program Delivery from AEC Industry
  • Product Management / Agile from Tech Industry
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles ...

...While simultaneously offering significant new capabilities and benefits in the context of a single integrated system designed to produce Throughput of The Goal across a global community / Federation.

To function optimally, the System encourages each Team to implement and continuously improve at least a basic PM Backbone.

Elements of a PM Backbone

  1. Everything Is A Project
  2. Every Project Has:
    1. Overarching and uniting Vision / Intention / Goal
    2. Project Planning System
      1. Including Milestone Based Roadmap
      2. Appropriate annual / quarterly / 6 week / 2 week Goals
    3. Project Navigation Dashboard
    4. Appropriate Level of PM Basics:
      1. Issue Tracker
      2. Request For Guidance Tracker
      3. Submittal Tracker
      4. Commitment Tracker

PM Navigation Meetings

Projects should have PM Navigation Meetings at regular intervals at a fixed time and place, usually weekly.

PM Navigation Meets can adapt the Template For PM Navigation Meeting

PM Narrative Structure

Optionally, projects can choose to deploy the PM Narrative Structure