2.9 The Pattern for Measuring and Quality and Quantity of Service, and Originating Units of Value

Context: Lionsberg LUV (Lionsberg Units of Value) aim to empower citizens to measure and validate the Time, Energy, and Attention (TEA) and the Quality of service provided by individuals and groups collaborating within the Lionsberg Federation. This pattern will provide a method to quantify, verify and reward contributions made by participants, while empowering them to leverage a blend of Goodwill (measured in Lionsberg LUV), fiat, and crypto currencies as they work together to build community, society, culture, and economy.

Problem: Current systems of measuring and validating contributions do not effectively account for both the quantity and quality of TEA and the quality of service provided by individuals and groups in a decentralized governance system. Additionally, fiat currencies are often designed to generate an artificial scarcity and drive citizens towards money, rather than The Goal.


  • Need for just measurement of TEA and quality of service
  • Challenges in quantifying and validating contributions from diverse individuals and groups around the world
  • Encouraging active participation and collaboration
  • Ensuring transparent and fair resource distribution

Solution: Establish a comprehensive pattern for measuring and validating TEA and quality of service, validating them in small groups, and originating units of Lionsberg LUV:

  1. Define clear metrics: Establish clear metrics for measuring Quality and Quantity of Service rendered by individuals and groups within the Lionsberg Federation.
  2. Small group validation: Validate the quality and quantity of TEA contributions in small groups to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of each participant's contributions.
  3. Originate Lionsberg LUV: Assign a value in the form of Lionsberg LUV to each participant based on the validated quality and quantity of their TEA contributions, and register it in the Lionsberg System.
  4. Blend exchange mechanism: Allow sovereigns within the Lionsberg Federation to accept a blend of Goodwill (measured in Lionsberg LUV), fiat, and crypto for their services, fostering an inclusive and flexible economy that encourages collaboration and mutual support.
  5. Transparent tracking and reporting: Implement transparent mechanisms for tracking and reporting TEA contributions and the resulting Lionsberg LUV rewards, enabling participants to monitor their progress and the overall health of the Lionsberg Federation.
  6. Periodic reviews and adjustments: Conduct periodic reviews and adjustments of the measurement and validation processes to ensure continuous improvement, justice, and adaptability.
  7. Foster a culture of reciprocity: Encourage participants to help one another create as much Value and Worth for one another as possible, and contribute back to nourish the Lionsberg ecosystem and commons, ensuring a culture of reciprocity, shared responsibility, and stewardship of the Lionsberg commons.

Resulting Context: A comprehensive system for measuring and validating TEA and quality of service, validating them in small groups, and originating units of Lionsberg LUV, which fosters active participation, collaboration, and a fair and transparent resource generation, distribution, and exchange process in the Lionsberg Federation. Critically, this system is designed to empower participants to generate Value on the basis of Goodwill, liberating them from the artificial scarcity and imbalanced measurements of globally competing fiat and crypto currencies.

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