2.7 Making and Keeping Commitments

Making and keeping commitments is an essential aspect of The Great Game of Lionsberg, as it fosters trust, collaboration, and progress along the Critical Path toward co-creating the New World. By taking responsibility for their actions and being accountable to themselves and others, players can develop the discipline, resilience, and integrity necessary to fuel personal growth and collective success. Making and keeping commitments is closely related to the Energy and Commitment Based UBI.

Key elements of making and keeping commitments in The Great Game of Lionsberg include:

  1. Clarity: Clearly defining one's goals, intentions, and expectations when making a commitment, ensuring that all parties involved understand the nature of the agreement and their respective roles and responsibilities.

  2. Integrity: Demonstrating honesty, reliability, and consistency in one's actions, by following through on commitments and being true to one's word.

  3. Communication: Openly and transparently sharing information, updates, and progress reports related to one's commitments, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and aligned.

  4. Flexibility: Recognizing that circumstances may change and that adjustments to commitments may be necessary, while still remaining accountable and seeking to fulfill one's obligations to the best of one's ability, and notifying collaborators as soon as things change.

  5. Collaboration: Actively engaging with others to seek input, feedback, and support in fulfilling one's commitments, and offering assistance to others when needed.

  6. Learning and Growth: Embracing setbacks, challenges, and failures as opportunities for learning, growth, and improvement, and applying lessons learned to future commitments and endeavors.

By cultivating a culture of making and keeping commitments, players in The Great Game of Lionsberg can build trust, strengthen relationships, and create a solid foundation for co-creating the New World. This commitment-centric approach also fosters individual growth and development, as players learn to take responsibility for their actions, overcome obstacles, and collaborate effectively with others.

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