2.6 Fractal Fields of Agreement

Fractal Fields of Agreement are a core concept within The Great Game of Lionsberg, representing the process by which players establish shared understanding, principles, and goals within their selves, families, groups, communities and networks. These agreements serve as the foundation for collective action and co-creation, and are designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing players to collaborate effectively at any level of complexity, from the local to the global to the universal. Within The Great Game, each Domain Of Responsibility And Authority contains its own Field of Agreements, which players must assent to in order to participate in the Domain.

The term "fractal" is borrowed from mathematics and refers to patterns that are self-similar across different scales. In the context of The Great Game of Lionsberg, Fractal Fields of Agreement represent shared understanding and consensus that can be replicated and expanded across multiple levels of organization, creating a cohesive and unified vision for co-creating the New World.

Key components of Fractal Fields of Agreement include:

  1. Shared Principles and Values: Establishing a set of core values and principles that guide the behavior and decision-making of all players in The Great Game of Lionsberg, and fractally within each Domain Of Responsibility And Authority. These principles create a common foundation for collaboration and serve as a compass for navigating complex challenges and opportunities in community.

  2. Shared Goals: Defining clear, measurable goals that reflect the shared vision and aspirations of the players, and that provide a roadmap for co-creation and progress toward the New World.

  3. Shared Language: Developing a common language and terminology that facilitates communication, understanding, and collaboration among diverse players and stakeholders.

  4. Shared Responsibility and Accountability: Creating a culture of shared responsibility and accountability, in which all players are committed to supporting one another in achieving their collective goals and upholding the shared principles of The Great Game of Lionsberg.

  5. Shared Learning: Fostering a culture of continuous learning, reflection, and improvement, in which players are encouraged to share their stories, experiences, insights, and best practices, and to learn from one another's successes and failures.

  6. Shared Resources: Establishing mechanisms for pooling and sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise, in order to support the collective efforts of players in The Great Game of Lionsberg.

By developing Fractal Fields of Agreement, players in The Great Game of Lionsberg can build strong, resilient networks of collaboration and support, enabling them to overcome the complex challenges they face and to co-create the New World together. These agreements also ensure that the game remains inclusive, just, adaptable, and scalable, allowing it to grow and evolve in response to the needs and aspirations of players around the world.

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