2.1 Core Game Mechanics - Time, Energy, and Attention

The Great Game of Lionsberg is designed with three core game mechanics: Time, Energy, and Attention. These mechanics form the foundation of the game, guiding players as they navigate their way through the challenges and opportunities presented by The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity.

  1. Time: Time is a critical resource in the Great Game of Lionsberg, as players must make strategic decisions about how they allocate their time to various activities and Quests. Players are encouraged to use their time efficiently and effectively, focusing on actions that will have the greatest impact on progressively realizing the New Vision and Plan. As the game progresses, players can earn bonuses and rewards for effective time management, which in turn can be used to unlock new opportunities and accelerate their progress towards the New World.

  2. Energy: Energy represents the resources and capacity that players bring to the game. Players must manage their energy levels carefully, ensuring that they have the stamina and resilience to face the challenges of the game over the long-term while also maintaining their well-being. Energy management is essential, as players must balance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels to achieve their goals, while ensuring that energy is applied to crate Value rather than Waste. Players can replenish their energy by engaging in personal wellness practices, forming supportive networks, recreating, and participating in regenerative activities that align with their values and passions.

  3. Attention: Attention is the focus and intention that players direct towards their goals and objectives. The game emphasizes the importance of being mindful and purposeful in directing one's attention towards activities that contribute to the New Vision and Plan, and away from activities that perpetuate and sustain the Old World. Players must continually assess and adjust their focus, ensuring that their attention is directed towards the most impactful and meaningful activities. This attention mechanic helps players to prioritize their efforts, maintain clarity of purpose, and avoid distractions and obstacles that could derail their progress.

These core game mechanics—time, energy, and attention—form the basis of the Great Game of Lionsberg, guiding players as they make choices, set priorities, and engage in activities that contribute to the collective goal of co-creating the New World. By mastering these mechanics, players can optimize their efforts, accelerate their progress, and maximize their impact on the transformation of their lives, society, and planet.

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