0.3 Abstract

On its Quest towards flourishing and abundant life, Life and Society on Earth are facing a Meta Crisis. As the challenges we face grow increasingly complex and interconnected, it is clear that conventional approaches and fragmented solutions are no longer sufficient.

Over the next 7 years, dramatic action will be required to solve the grand challenges facing society and planet, and forge the better future we all desire. The stakes are high, but so too is the potential for transformative change that lifts both people and our planet towards new heights of abundance.

Jordan Nicholas Sukut and Lionsberg have developed a comprehensive New Vision and Plan based on deep analysis of the total nested hierarchies of problems, needs, and opportunities facing humanity. This plan takes a systemic and holistic approach, addressing the root causes of our global challenges while empowering individuals and communities to take meaningful and autonomous action at all levels.

This New Vision and Plan has been coupled to $10s of millions of dollars worth of legal, governance, process, and technological infrastructure to enact it. The synthesis of these lifetimes of work demonstrates the commitment and dedication to ensuring that the plan is effectively implemented and has the necessary systems and infrastructure to drive real change.

We are now inviting individuals, organizations, and communities around the world to partner with one another to bring the New Vision and Plan into Reality. By working together, we can tap into the collective wisdom, creativity, and passion of humanity, forging a more regenerative, just, and flourishing future for all life on Earth. The time for transformative action is now, and with the New Vision and Plan as our guide and the Lionsberg System to empower us, we have the opportunity to rise to the challenge and co-create the world we truly desire.

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