3.1 A New Way of Being and Doing

At the dawn of a pivotal era in human history, we are beckoned to examine the Paradigm that has governed our existence thus far. The Meta Crisis we face—a tapestry of interconnected dilemmas spanning ecological, social, and spiritual domains—can be directly traced to our Old Way of being and doing as a human species upon Planet Earth. This Old Way often emphasized the divisive, the competitive, the chaotic, the totalitarian, and the illusory dominion of ego over the collective. In the pursuit of progress, humanity has frequently forgotten the Sacred Balance, the interconnectedness and Interexistence of the Polar Forces that create and sustain the Divine Symphony of Life. It is time to return and reforge an ancient New Way, informed by eternal Wisdom and Logos yet innovative in its application to our current crossroads.

From Dichotomy to Unity

The ancient Masters understood the world in terms of a Transcendent Ultimate Unity that reconciled all apparent dichotomies and polar forces Manifest at the lower Levels of Abstraction: Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang, Action and Contemplation, Being and Doing. They also recognized that these forces were not oppositional but rather complementary when they were Unified at the Highest Level. This Wisdom taught the Sacred Balance that brings Divine Alignment and therefore Harmony. However our Old Ways often distorted these energies into illegitimate hierarchies and power structures, shattering the harmony longing to manifest from their Divine Union.

The New Way must always be a Return to and Realignment with the Divine Logos of the Universe, seeking to rediscover and resurrect this primordial Equilibrium, inspiring a Vision of a future where Being and Doing are not in conflict but in a dynamic, responsive, and ecstatic dance. It represents an quantum Phase Shift from the Old Ways that led to the Meta Crisis and The Brink of Chaos, enabling us to chart a course towards healing, integration, wholeness, and ultimately Shalom in the New World we are Co-Creating.

The Dance of Polarities

In the New Way, the Masculine and Feminine energies are reimagined and rediscovered. The Masculine, traditionally associated with Doing, takes on a role that is also protective and promotive of Being, fostering the spaces and forging the conditions within which playful creativity and intuition can flourish in Diversity. The Feminine, far too often relegated to passive existence and pushed into the Darkness, is reawakened into its unique superpowers of receptivity, inception, and Co-Creation, lifting burdens, guiding decisions and Manifesting New Realities with emotional intelligence, empathic connection, Beauty, and Coherence.

Yin and Yang become symbols of fluidity rather than static states. Finally seen, protected, and empowered to Become All she is Uniquely Destined to Be, the Divine Feminine invites a fresh outpouring of the the Divine Masculine, and the Upward Spiral of Divine Co-Creation begins accelerating upward towards Destiny.

As each of the Polarities come to Progressively Realize the Divine Wholeness within them, with each aspect ebbing and flowing in response to the Other, entirely New Ways of relating, being, doing, dancing, and playing Manifest. The Co-Creative Pleasure that brings forth Divine Order and Life begins to be experienced not just physically, but emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This harnesses the entire motive force of Co-Creation not merely for bringing forth New Life, but for Manifesting a New World.

The Balanced Stand

In our New Way of being and doing, we stand balanced on the needle’s tip, fully aware that each moment is a choice between reinforcing the Old Ways or embodying the New. This balance is not a precarious one, but a poised, potent, and Attentive Readiness. It is a Conscious Choice to live and act from a place of Deep Centeredness, holding the apparent Polarities of the universe in Unity and Balance Within and Without, and thereby becoming Conduits of a Divine Force powerful enough to transform the world.

To stand thus is to maintain an internal equilibrium amidst the external fluctuations of Reality. It is to honor both the drive for transformation and the wisdom of stillness, the need for decisive action and the power of passive receptivity, the demand for Justice and Integrity, and the expression of Mercy and Unconditional Love.

From Center and Source

Our actions and states of being emanate from a Center, the Divine Source and Sustainer that is both within us and beyond us. This Center is the still point in the turning world, the axis around which all our Being and Doing revolve, the Phi Lines around which All Creation Spirals Up and Coheres. It is Transcendent Creator and the Manifest Spirit of God, calling us up into a New Way that is not simply a method but a State of Spirit and Consciousness—a living, breathing testament to the Knowledge that every individual is a microcosm of the Divine Cosmic Order, and a unique part of One Spirit, Body and Mind.

Flowing from this Center and Source means our actions are not merely reactions to external stimuli but deliberate manifestations of Divine Wisdom and Intent. Doing becomes an expression arising from the Stillness of Being, and Being is enriched and transformed by the Purpose and Direction of Doing.

In the New Way, we seek to Resurrect, Restore, and ReNew our Society and Word not by conquering it, but by Understanding it; not by imposing our will upon it, but by aligning our Will and Intention with the Will and Intention of God. We act not only with the urgency demanded by the crises we face but with the serenity born of deep Interconnection and Interexistence with One and All.

This New Way is the Path we must courageously Walk as we Journey through the Chaos and Complexity of our times. It offers the Hope that, through the reciprocating Unity of Being and Doing cohered in the One, we might Rise Together to meet the challenges of the Meta Crisis, moving with Deliberate Grace toward a future that reflects the balance and harmony of the Universe itself, manifesting in accordance with the Wisdom and Logos of the One.

If we Consciously Choose to proceed in this Way, the seeds of the New Era are already present in our individual and collective efforts to overcome the Grand Challenge and accomplish the Global Goals, and the infrastructure and Way we Reimagine, Redesign, and Rebuild will become the infrastructure and Way of an entirely New World.

The time is now, and the future is in our hands.