Why the Founder of Lionsberg Begins with the NASB

The choice of how to pursue Wisdom and Truth is ultimately a personal decision. For that reason, we here articulate why Jordan has chosen to primarily use the NASB as an anchor and touchstone in the vast sea of interpretative possibilities. There are nuanced and multi-layered reasons for this preference, which harmonize with the quest for Divine Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth.

Philosophical Commitment to Textual Fidelity

First and foremost, the NASB is renowned for its almost surgical commitment to textual fidelity. Its meticulous, word-for-word translation methodology aims at a near-forensic reconstruction of the original texts. For a spiritual journey predicated on the relentless quest for Wisdom and Truth, this level of fidelity acts as a robust foundation, bringing the reader as close to the original words as possible. It allows the seeker to grapple directly with the scriptures, which mitigates and clarifies the interpretive layers that sometimes cloud the pure waters of Divine Revelation.

A Conduit for Spiritual Precision

The NASB's technical, albeit less flowing, language can actually serve as an advantage for those committed to deep theological study and reflection. Its specificity acts as a conduit for spiritual precision, challenging one to slow down, read deeply, and dissect complex scriptural concepts and themes with a high degree of accuracy. This makes the NASB an invaluable tool for those aiming to transform not just their understanding but also their very being, aligning it closer to the Spirit of God.

The Role of Comparative Analysis

While the NASB acts as a primary point of entry, it is by no means an isolated endeavor. It is enriched and nuanced by the engagement with the other members of the Trinity of Approximate Fidelity—the poetic theology of the KJV and the balanced rigor of the ESV. This comparative analysis, akin to a sort of spiritual triangulation mediated by the Spirit of God, allows for a fuller, more dimensional understanding of the scriptures. It adds layers of context, depth, and nuance, creating a dynamic interplay that enhances discernment and opens up spaces for the Spirit to illuminate and guide.

By beginning with the NASB, we are invited into the hard and joyful practice of a disciplined, yet deeply spiritual, form of scriptural engagement. It sets the stage for a journey not just of intellectual enlightenment but of ontological transformation, one where the Word becomes not just a subject of study, but a living, breathing reality that shapes, refines, and elevates our very existence in alignment with the Spirit of God.

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