Facing Into The Reality of the Meta Crisis

What if... each of the individual and local crises we were facing, were flowing from the mouth of one overarching and uniting Meta Crisis?

What if... the individual and local crises we are all facing are not the deepest issues, but symptoms of a deeper root cause, what is the deepest root cause?

The Meta Crisis is the comprehensive, interconnected set of challenges that humanity and the living system are facing. These challenges include:

  • Environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and resource depletion. These challenges threaten the health and stability of the planet and have far-reaching impacts on social, economic, and political systems.
  • Social issues such as injustice, oppression, discrimination, and inequality. These challenges result in suffering and injustice for large numbers of people, and can also have negative impacts on economic and political systems.
  • Economic issues such as inequality, instability, supply chains, demand chains, economic slavery, waste, and unsustainable practices. These challenges are resulting in social, political, and environmental injustices and unrest.
  • Political and governmental issues such as instability, corruption, division, deceit, dysfunction and lack of transparency. These challenges can undermine the ability of governments to effectively address other crises and can also contribute to social, economic, religious, and environmental inequality and instability.
  • Spiritual and cultural crises such as a lack of meaning and purpose, loss of a sense of hope and agency, and the erosion of traditional religious and cultural practices and values. These challenges can have negative impacts on social cohesion, vision, and values, and thus dramatically exacerbate the crises.

The Meta Crisis is not a single, isolated crisis, but rather a complex, interconnected web of challenges that are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Addressing one challenge may have unintended consequences on another, or may be insufficient to address the root causes of a given problem, or the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues.

The Meta Crisis demands a Meta Solution. To overcome the Meta Crisis, it is necessary to adopt a systems thinking approach that takes into account the interconnected nature of these challenges and seeks to address them in a comprehensive, holistic way, with each pillar and element of society playing their unique role.

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