16.5.8 A Comprehensive Approach to the Global Goals

The New Vision and Plan recognizes that the Meta Crisis is a complex and interconnected issue that requires a comprehensive and holistic approach in order to be effectively addressed. Therefore, it prioritizes a comprehensive approach to the Lionsberg Integrated Development Goals (IDGs), which are a set of ambitious and integrated goals that address the multiple dimensions of the Meta Crisis. The Lionsberg Integrated Development Goals seek to transcend the political and power structure limitations of articulations such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while building on the global consensus and milestones forged through such processes over the last decades. These goals are not limited to specific sectors or issues, but rather are designed to be integrated and mutually reinforcing, addressing the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals that must be achieved to create the conditions for universal and eternal flourishing, with the ultimate goal of creating a better future for humanity and all life on Earth.

The Lionsberg IDGs are designed to be universal and just, and to apply to all inhabitants of Earth, regardless of their background or identity. They are also designed to be holistic, recognizing that the well-being of people and the planet are interdependent, and that the achievement of each and every goal is dependent upon on the achievement of all others.

The IDGs are based on the principles of the Lionsberg System and Approach, which is a system that is based on the principle of subsidiarity, meaning that the governance and political system is composed of a multitude of self-governing communities, and that the role of higher level governance is to support and empower the self-governing communities to govern themselves and take control of their own welfare and development backed by the tools, knowledge, resources, and infrastructure of the global community. The IDGs are brought into existence through entirely voluntarily participation in the New System and Approach and the aggregation of empowered local progress towards our shared global goals and values.

The IDGs are also designed to be adaptive and to iterate across subsequent decades and generations as humanity progresses on its Quest beyond the Meta Crisis and towards The Goal. Additionally, the IDGs are designed to be integrated across all sectors and issues, recognizing that the solutions to the Meta Crisis will need to be interdisciplinary and that different sectors and issues are interconnected and cannot be addressed in isolation.

The IDGs are intended to provide a framework for the co-creation of a better future, and as such, they are open-ended and flexible, providing a general direction and goals to strive for, but leaving the specifics of how to achieve them up to the creativity, wisdom, and cooperation of all inhabitants of Earth in their unique local times and places.

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