16.5.10 A Measurable and Accountable Way To Co-Create Heaven on Earth

The New Vision and Plan recognizes that the Meta Crisis is a complex and interconnected issue that requires a measurable and accountable way to not only confront and overcome the crisis, but also co-create a flourishing and abundant New Era.

Therefore, it prioritizes a comprehensive approach to measuring and monitoring progress towards solving the Grand Challenges and accomplishing the Lionsberg Integrated Development Goals (IDGs). This includes the development of a comprehensive set of indicators and metrics that can be used to track distributed local progress, challenges, and opportunities and identify areas where progress is lagging.

The Lionsberg IDGs and Grand Challenges are designed to be universal, just, and holistic, and to apply to all inhabitants of Earth, regardless of their background or identity. They are also designed to be adaptive and to iterate across subsequent decades and generations as humanity progresses on its quest beyond the Meta Crisis and towards The Goal.

By taking the highest overarching and uniting view possible, as close to the perspective of the Creator as possible, the Lionsberg System proposes that we view the entire Human System as an operating system, nested within an eternally regenerative Living System, whose purpose and Goal is create Throughput of flourishing and abundant life for All. This clear definition of a highest order systematic unity with a clear Vision, Purpose, and Goal allows for the scientific measurement of value and progress according to clear shared definition. This is matched up to modern best understanding around the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System, which contextualizes and transforms the total human program of action and endeavor into a goal delivery system. By clearly defining The Goal, value and waste are able to be clearly brought to light and differentiated, such that sovereign and autonomous individuals, organizations, and communities can align their energy, attention, and activity to create throughput of our shared goals and values.

This creates a shared and co-operated New Operating System whose sole purpose is to bring heaven to earth for the benefit of All, in a measurable and accountable way.

This New System can be modeled via the distributed computing power of humanity, such that it becomes mathematically and empirically clear which patterns of thought and action are leading to suffering and death, and which are leading to flourishing and abundant life.

Once mathematically modeled, this Lionsberg Pattern Language can be gamified, such that every child, family, group, tribe and community can easily understand how their local and private expenditures of their time and energy allocations are causing failure or success for them selves, their community, and their world.

The New Vision and Plan calls for the establishment of a global monitoring and accountability framework that is transparent, just, accountable and participatory. This framework will include a system of citizen-led oversight and accountability mechanisms that ensure that progress towards the Lionsberg IDGs and Grand Challenges is being made, and that any issues or setbacks are identified and addressed in transparent and timely manner, in a wise way, according to the will and intention of the citizens of earth, and not any special interests group or lobby. The system will provide for real time gathering of information and intelligence on both human and environmental conditions, such that the total integrated health, wellbeing, and development of life and consciousness can be evaluated and diagnosed in real time. The framework will also include a system of regular reporting and review, to ensure that progress is tracked and that any necessary adjustments are made to the New Vision and Plan, and the associated strategies, milestones, tools, tactics, and technologies.

The New Vision and Plan also calls for the development of a comprehensive set of tools, resources, and knowledge that can be used by individuals, communities, and organizations to empower, measure and monitor both local and global progress towards the IDGs and Grand Challenges. This includes the development of guided open-source software and data platforms that can be used to collect and analyze data, as well as the development of training and capacity-building programs that can be used to support individuals and communities in using these tools and resources.

By developing these powerful tools and technologies within a properly bounded system, we can ensure that only those who are using the tools to help and not harm one another have access to them.

The monitoring and accountability framework is intended to provide a system of checks and balances that ensures progress is being made, and that any issues or setbacks are identified and addressed in a timely manner. Ultimately, this framework is designed to ensure that the New Vision and Plan is implemented in a way that is inclusive, transparent, and participatory, and that it leads to the co-creation of a better future for humanity and all life on Earth, within this generation.

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