1.13 Technological Infrastructure

A complete and continuously improving Technological Infrastructure should be developed for the New World.

The pragmatic effect of the Technological Infrastructure should be to equip and empower every sovereign with superpowers to develop towards the fullness of their unique potential and flourish, by helping all others and all life do the same.

Decentralization and Interoperability

The technology infrastructure should be developed based upon the principles of decentralization and interoperability to allow for unique tech stacks to be co-created and customized around the world.

Planned Obsolescence

Recognizing that "named" tech solutions and current technologies will be rendered obsolete at increasingly rapid rates and that technology lifecycles are shortening, the System should be designed in anticipation of needing to continuously improve itself over hundreds of years, into future iterations that we cannot possibly imagine or plan for today.

Data Model

A Data Model should be developed to faciliate communication, aggregation, and dashboarding across platforms, and can be continuously improved over successive transformations.

This Data Model should be established to enable communication within and between the Human System and the Living System.

In-Breaking Web 3 / 4 / 5... 10

Terminology aside, it is widely recognized that in this decade we will experience by the most significant leap in technological capability in human history.

International Standards and Protocols

Special attention should be paid to ensure that International Standards are developed that put this technology soley in service of Life, and minimize the extent to which it can be weaponized.

Building To Interoperate and Transform

Technology platforms developed now should be built in anticipation that they will need to be transformed onto new underlying technologies within the coming years.

A System Wide User Interface should be developed in such a way that the user interface can be continuously improved, while subsequent generations of technology and ways of working with data transform underneath.

This method of building will also force the pragmatic necessity of working together to make all core elements interoperate.

Data Model Plus User Interface

By focusing on the underlying data model and processes of the System (which are technology agnostic), and a User Interface that is technology agnostic, the technological elements in between can compete and continuously improve relatively independently of the continuous improvement of the fundamental ontology, philosophy, and user interface driving Wise Right action.


Every sovereign, as well as the Whole, should be equipped with a Navigation Dashboard. Navigation Dashboards should operate in the sense described above similar to business intelligence software.

Dashboards should be able to take in Essential Information from a distributed array of technologies, processes, and languages.

The Lionsberg System Wide Dashboard should aggregate the information reflected by all individual and local Navigation Dashboards.

Dashboards should be built to reflect the current state and trajectory of both the Human System and the Living System in each locality, and as a Whole.

For frame of reference it is estimated that some tens of millions of individual and local dashboards will ultimately need to roll up into the System Wide Dashboard.