Conditions of Satisfaction For System Of Governance

The System of Governance should meet all the following Conditions of Satisfaction:

  1. Have a coherent and uniting philosophy and design principle
  2. Have sound theory behind each element of the System
  3. Have concrete techniques and mechanisms to put theory into practice

The combination of these three levels of analysis should:

  1. Support and facilitate the overarching and uniting highest Mission and Goal
  2. Prioritize and uphold through clear and wise mechanisms timeless wisdom, principles, and values
  3. Encourage positive, just, and beneficial connection and participation among community members
  4. Help establish Right Relationship among all participants
  5. Encourage and assure protection of both Values and Value for past, present, and future generations
  6. Provide a template and example that can be instantiated across cultures, times, locales, legal systems, and organizational structures
  7. Facilitate interoperability and resource / knowledge / skill sharing across all instances that conform to the minimum Standards Of Interoperability
  8. Cultivate and support multi-generational mentoring and servant leadership
  9. Ensure that the practices of every aspect of the Community are brought into alignment with its highest mission, vision, values, and purpose

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