33.3 Questions To Guide Vision, Analysis, and Planning

As you embark on your journey to address the Meta Crisis and contribute to the New Vision and Plan, consider the following questions to help guide your vision, analysis, and planning:

  1. Understanding the Meta Crisis: How can you deepen your understanding of the Meta Crisis and its interconnected dimensions? What resources, conversations, and learning opportunities can you explore to gain a more comprehensive perspective on the challenges we face? How can you organize and share the most valuable and enlightening resources you discover with those around you?

  2. Personal Values and Vision: What are your core values, and how do they align with the principles of the New Vision and Plan? How can you integrate these values into your daily life, decisions, and actions to contribute to a better future for humanity and all life on Earth? What does your vision of a fully integrated, regenerative, and just way of being look like? Personally? For your family? For your organizations? For your community? For your world? Consider writing it down, and sharing it with others.

  3. Local Issues and Opportunities: What are the key challenges and opportunities related to the Meta Crisis in your local community? How can you engage with others to address these issues and create positive change? How can you ensure that local efforts start with the most vulnerable and least able to uplift them selves?

  4. Policy Advocacy and Systemic Change: How can you influence and advocate for policy changes at local, regional, national, and international levels that align with the New Vision and Plan? What existing advocacy groups or campaigns can you join or support?

  5. Collaboration and Networking: How can you connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities to share ideas, resources, and best practices? What opportunities exist for building a support network that fosters collaboration and amplifies the impact of your efforts?

  6. Lifestyle Changes and Personal Choices: What changes can you make in your personal habits, consumption patterns, and lifestyle to align with a more loving, just and regenerative way of living? How can you remove your energy or attention from harmful systems, products or organizations that do not belong in the New World? How can you add your energy and attention to systems, products, and organizations that are aligned with the New Vision and Plan? How can you inspire others to make similar changes?

  7. Community Building and Engagement: How can you foster a sense of unity and shared purpose within your community? What events, workshops, and gatherings can you organize to engage others in addressing the Meta Crisis and implementing the New Vision and Plan on a local level?

  8. Innovation and Creativity: How can you encourage and support innovative ideas, technologies, and solutions that address the Meta Crisis? What opportunities exist for creative problem-solving and experimentation within your community?

  9. Storytelling and Celebrating Success: How can you share stories of positive change and celebrate the successes of individuals and communities working towards the New Vision and Plan? How can you inspire others by showcasing the transformative impact of collective action?

  10. Global Solidarity and Connection: How can you foster connections with communities around the world and promote shared learning and mutual support? What opportunities exist for bridging divides, building global solidarity and working together towards a brighter future for all life on Earth?

Reflecting on these questions can help you clarify your vision, set priorities, and develop strategies for contributing to the New Vision and Plan. By actively engaging with these questions and collaborating with others, you can play an essential role in shaping a better future for humanity and all life on Earth.

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