31.1 The priorities and focus areas for the rising movement

As the rising movement continues to gain momentum, it is essential to outline the Priorities and focus areas that will drive its Progress. By concentrating on these key areas, the movement can create a more profound impact and effectively address the Meta Crisis.

  1. Promoting the New Vision and Plan: The rising movement must prioritize spreading Awareness of the New Vision and Plan to as many people as possible. By sharing this new approach to the Meta Crisis, the movement can inspire individuals, organizations, and governments to participate in co-creating a better future.

  2. Empowering Local and Regional Initiatives: The rising movement should support and empower local and regional initiatives that align with the New Vision and Plan. By providing resources, training, infrastructure, and networking opportunities, the movement can help these initiatives scale and create real change.

  3. Facilitating Cross-Sector Collaboration: The rising movement must emphasize the importance of cross-sector collaboration to address the systemic and interrelated challenges of the Meta Crisis. By fostering partnerships between different sectors, including business, government, academia, civil society, and the arts, the movement can create innovative solutions to complex problems.

  4. Developing and Disseminating Transformative Tools and Technologies: The rising movement should prioritize the development and dissemination of transformative tools and technologies that can empower individuals, communities, and organizations to address the Meta Crisis. This includes tools for personal growth and transformation, community-building, and systemic transformation.

  5. Cultivating a Culture of Resilience and Adaptability: The rising movement must prioritize cultivating a culture of resilience and adaptability in the face of the Meta Crisis. This includes fostering a mindset that embraces change, innovation, and the willingness to learn from setbacks and failures.

  6. Advancing Education and Outreach: The rising movement should focus on advancing education and outreach efforts to raise awareness of the Meta Crisis and the New Vision and Plan. This includes developing educational resources, curricula, and public campaigns that engage diverse audiences.

  7. Fostering Diversity: The rising movement must prioritize diverse unity in all aspects of its work. By ensuring that diverse voices are heard and valued, the movement can create solutions that address the unique needs and perspectives of a vast array of different communities.

  8. Promoting Regenerative Development: The rising movement should focus on promoting regenerative development that balances economic growth, social progress, and environmental stewardship. By advocating for policies and practices that support this approach, the movement can help create a more just and regenerative world.

  9. Championing Systemic Change: The rising movement must advocate for systemic change across all levels of society. By challenging the status quo and pushing for new ways of thinking and acting, the movement can address the root causes of the Meta Crisis.

  10. Mobilizing Resources and Support: The rising movement should prioritize mobilizing the necessary resources and support to implement the New Vision and Plan. By attracting funding, expertise, and other resources, the movement can accelerate its progress and expand its reach.

By focusing on these priorities, the rising movement can effectively address the Meta Crisis, inspire global change, and create a better future for humanity and all life on Earth.

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