In moments of great consequence, when the weight of the world seems to rest upon our shoulders, the essence of our Character is both forged and revealed. The ability to remain steadfast, calm, and true to our Core Principles and Values is both a test and a testimony of our spiritual and moral development. As we stand at The Precipice, with the eyes of posterity upon us, we must delve deep into the Wellspring of our Being to draw forth the Virtues needed to face the enormity of the task at hand.

Embodying Presence and Poise

At the Zenith of pressure, the quality of Presence—being fully in the moment and responding from a place of Centeredness—is indispensable. It is the difference between a reactionary and a visionary, between being swept away by the currents of Chaos and standing as a Lighthouse amidst the storm. To possess Poise is to maintain composure, allowing us to Perceive with Wisdom and Clarity the Divine Patterns at Play, recognizing our Role within this Grand Tapestry.

Rooted in Faith, Guided by Wisdom

When The Stakes are highest, a deep-seated Faith provides an anchor, giving us the Stength to stand when it would be easier to yield, stumble, or Fall. This Faith is more than belief; it is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. It is the bond of One’s Spirit to its Source, Sustainer, and Way. It is also through Wisdom that we navigate these times, drawing from a reservoir of Divine Understanding that transcends mere Knowledge. It is the application of Godly insight to earthly challenges that illuminates the pathways of Justice and Righteousness.

The Courage to Lead and the Humility to Serve

Leadership in critical junctures demands Courage—the moral fortitude to make difficult decisions for the Greatest Good, despite the potential for immense personal cost. Yet, this Courage must be tempered with Humility, recognizing that we are but instruments of a Higher Purpose, servants of a Divine Mandate that places the needs of All and the Will of the One above the ego of any one.

Unwavering Integrity and Unconditional Love

Integrity is the bedrock upon which Trust is built, especially in times of crisis. It involves an unwavering adherence to a Code of moral and ethical Values that does not falter, even when it would be expedient to compromise. Walking hand in hand with Integrity is the principle of Unconditional Love—a Love that does not discriminate, that sees the Image of God in every person and All Creation, and that seeks the Ultimate Good, even for those who oppose us.

Stewardship of the Moment

Each decisive moment is an opportunity for Stewardship—a chance to tend to the world as a Sacred Trust, to make choices that will leave a legacy of Healing and Renewal. This stewardship requires a keen awareness of the impact of our actions, not just in the immediate, but for generations to come across all Time and Space.

The Resolve to Act and the Patience to Wait

The wisdom to know when to act with decisiveness and when to wait with patience is a dance of discernment. Sometimes, the boldest action is to pause, to allow the unfolding of Divine Timing. Other times, we must seize the Kairos moment with both hands, engaging fully with the urgency of now, to Do what we Know must be done.

From Crisis to Catalyst

In the crucible of crisis, we have the opportunity to become Catalysts for transformation. This requires a willingness to be changed by the challenges we face, to allow our encounters with Darkness to birth New light within us. As Catalysts, we become agents of change, not only in our own lives but in the world at large.


As we contemplate How To Be When It's All On The Line, we must look within and above, drawing upon the Divine Source that fuels our Spirit. We must Embody the Virtues that have been instilled in us through sacred text and divine example. This is the Way of Being that transforms pressure into potential, crisis into creation, and challenges into channels of Divine Co-Creation.

This is the stature we must assume, the demeanor we must adopt, and the essence we must express as we stand in the breach, heralding a New Era of Divine Consciousness and Co-Creation. It is a call to be beacons of Hope, bearers of Light, and builders of the Bridge to the New World that awaits beyond the tumult and wilderness of transformation.