1.5 Encompassing All Aspects of Society - Spirituality, Society, Economy, and Governance

The Great Game of Lionsberg is designed to be comprehensive and holistic, encompassing all aspects of society in order to facilitate deep and meaningful individual, local and global transformation. By addressing the interconnected domains of spirituality, society, economy, and governance, the game enables players to engage with the full spectrum of human experience in a safe and structured environment, in order to co-create a more harmonious and integrated New World.

  1. Spirituality: The game acknowledges the centrality of spirituality in shaping human values, relationships, and actions. It encourages players to cultivate a deep sense of inner awareness, connectedness, purpose, and right relationship, fostering a deep commitment to the well-being of all life on Earth, and Right Relationship Between One and All. The game also promotes dialogue and understanding across the boundaries that have divided us in the past, embracing the diverse spiritual traditions and wisdom that inform our shared human journey, while honoring and upholding the core wisdom, principles, and values that keep us safe and united on our Quest towards The Goal.

  2. Society: The Great Game of Lionsberg emphasizes the need for strong, compassionate, and flourishing communities. Players are encouraged to build relationships based on trust, love, and mutual respect, and to work together to address shared challenges and opportunities. The game also highlights the importance of cultural diversity, dignity, justice and human rights and responsibilities, inspiring players to strive for a society where everyone can meaningfully contribute, thrive and reach their full potential.

  3. Economy: The game recognizes that the current economic system has contributed to the Meta Crisis and is misaligned with the principles of universal stewardship and well-being. The Great Game of Lionsberg encourages players to explore and implement alternative economic models that prioritize the long-term health of society and the the planet, socioeconomic justice, and shared flourishing and prosperity. By engaging with concepts like steward ownership, circular economy, regenerative business practices, and regenerative investing, players can contribute to the development of a more sustainable and just economic system.

  4. Governance: The Great Game of Lionsberg addresses the need for effective, accountable, and participatory governance at all levels, from local communities to global institutions. The game empowers players to become active citizens and decision-makers, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective agency in shaping the future. It also emphasizes the importance of transparency, collaboration, and inclusivity in decision-making processes, inspiring players to strive for a world where power, rights, and responsibilities are distributed with justice, and all voices are heard.

By integrating all four pillars of society, the Great Game of Lionsberg creates a rich and dynamic landscape for players to explore, learn, and grow. Through their engagement with the game, players can develop a deeper understanding of the interconnected challenges facing humanity and work together to co-create a New World that reflects the highest aspirations of the human spirit.

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