1.12 The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity

The Great Game of Lionsberg begins within a 7-year window of crisis and opportunity, reflecting the urgency of the challenges facing humanity and the need for rapid, transformative action. This timeframe serves as a catalyst for players to engage fully in the game, recognizing that the stakes are high and that their actions have the potential to shape the course of history.

Key aspects of the 7-year window include:

  1. Crisis as a Catalyst: The game leverages the reality of the Meta Crisis to spur players into action, using the urgency of the situation to galvanize commitment and drive meaningful change. By framing the challenges as both immediate and existential, the game motivates players to go beyond their comfort zones and take on more significant roles in the transformation process.

  2. Opportunity for Radical Change: The 7-year window also emphasizes the potential for radical change, showcasing the transformative power of collective action and the possibilities that emerge when individuals and communities rapidly coalesce and work together towards a shared Vision. By focusing on the opportunity for positive change, the game inspires hope and optimism, encouraging players to envision a better future and strive to make it a reality.

  3. Milestones and Progress: The Great Game of Lionsberg breaks the 7-year window into a series of milestones and progress markers, enabling players to track their advancement along the quest and celebrate their achievements. These milestones serve as both motivation and guidance, helping players to maintain momentum and stay focused on the overarching goal of realizing the New Vision and Plan.

  4. Acceleration and Scaling: Within the 7-year window, the game emphasizes the importance of accelerating and scaling the impact of players' actions, recognizing that widespread change requires rapid, exponential growth around the world. The game supports players in identifying opportunities for expansion, building strategic partnerships, and amplifying the reach of their efforts, ultimately contributing to the broader movement towards the New World.

  5. Time-bound Commitment: The 7-year timeframe encourages players to make a time-bound commitment to the game, fostering a sense of urgency and responsibility. This commitment helps to maintain focus and motivation, ensuring that players remain engaged and dedicated to the quest even in the face of setbacks and challenges.

The 7-year window of crisis and opportunity serves as a powerful backdrop for the Great Game of Lionsberg, providing both the urgency and the inspiration needed to mobilize players around the world in the pursuit of transformative change. By framing the opening of The Game within this critical timeframe, the Great Game of Lionsberg highlights the importance of collective action and the potential for individuals and communities to rapidly coalesce to reshape the future of humanity and life on earth.

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