0.1 About the Architect

Jordan Nicholas Sukut is an innovative thinker, visionary, and change-maker who has dedicated his life to understanding and addressing the complex challenges and opportunities facing humanity and the planet. With a deep commitment to truth, love, justice, stewardship, wisdom, liberty, and right relationship, Jordan has worked with allies around the world to develop a comprehensive framework to help guide individuals, organizations and communities towards a more regenerative, just, and flourishing future.

Jordan's background is diverse and multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, experiences, and skills. His passion for learning and personal growth has led him to explore various fields, including design, building, philosophy, martial arts, healing, human development, economics, ecology, systems thinking, and religious and indigenous wisdom, which have all informed and enriched his understanding of the world and his approach to problem-solving.

Throughout his journey, Jordan has been deeply inspired by the works of many great thinkers and visionaries. Their ideas, along with his own unique insights and synthesis, have helped shape the New Vision and Plan and the Lionsberg System, which hold the potential to transform our lives and our world for the better.

Jordan's approach to addressing the Meta Crisis is both holistic and systemic. He understands that meaningful and lasting change requires addressing the deepest root causes of our global challenges, rather than merely treating the symptoms. By empowering individuals and communities to take individual and local action, and by providing them with the tools and resources they need, Jordan hopes to inspire a global movement that will work together to solve the grand challenges and co-create a better future for all life on Earth.

As the architect behind the Lionsberg System and the New Vision and Plan, Jordan continues to dedicate his energy, passion, and expertise to the ongoing development and refinement of these frameworks. He is committed to supporting the rising movement of people around the world who share his vision of a more just, regenerative, and flourishing future for All.

His work is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of collective action, and his dedication to partnering with God and humanity to co-create the brightest possible future for humanity and all life on Earth. Jordan's visionary leadership, innovative thinking, and compassionate heart make him a true force for positive change in our world.

Jordan holds a bachelors degree from Pepperdine University, a masters degree from UCLA, a third degree blackbelt in Inyo Ryu karate, is the successor to a martial arts legacy called The Way, and has built companies and hundreds of millions of dollars of heavy civil infrastructure, earning formal recognition from County and State governments. In addition to offering up the New Vision and Plan and the Lionsberg System to the world, he is an independent candidate for US President in 2024.

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