Suggestion Box

Everyone is acting as co-creators, and is taking responsibility for designing and building various elements of the System, continually improving its usefulness and imact.

Our simple Suggestion Box process is intended to create freedom and agency for anyone to propose any change without needing permission, while simultaneously ensuring the integrity and coherence of the Whole is maintained.

  • Any co-creator can propose an improvement to any part of the System Design at any time. The entire idea is to ensure it gets a little better every day.
  • Please create a new page describing your proposed improvements here, in this Suggestion Box, and send a message about it to the Lionsberg Wiki Posse mattermost channel.
  • The Architect Working Group reviews and has the responsibility to either accept and incorporate the changes, modify them, or reject if they are not compatible with the Whole. All rejections or modifications will be accompanied by an explanation that helps improve understanding and encourages the contributor's forward momentum.