Do The Right Thing


  • Don't do the wrong thing.
  • Do what you say and say what you do.
  • Don't do something you don't understand, or don't agree with.
  • If you and someone else are doing something similar, maybe you should work together. If you don't end up working together, keep in touch and coordinate your efforts.
  • Different people are working on different parts of a much larger challenge. If you wonder why someone is working on something you don't understand, consider asking for a dialogue with them.
  • Sometimes "a different part" means some social or physical situation you didn't know about.
  • Sometimes "a different part" means a different phase of the challenge, a different time - they may be years ahead, or years behind, where you know you need to work.
  • Be compassionate and kind. If you find yourself in disagreement, try, and keep trying, to resolve any misunderstanding. If there is still disagreement, you may need to agree to disagree.
  • Be bold! Be creative! Take action! You have full authority to take action based on your own independent authority.
  • You own your actions. Take responsibility for what you do, and for what you do not do.


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