8.x3 The Boundary Of Knowing

If there is one thing that centuries of rapidly advancing modern science has shown us, it is that the deeper we gaze into the Mystery, the less we think we know.

It is a very strange paradox. The further one progresses towards Truth and Wisdom, the more one objectively knows. However the experience that one has, once they pass the shallow elementary and adolescent arrogance that come with the first glimpses of discovering something beyond the elementary school masters who guided you, is that of journeying deeper and deeper into an infinite Mystery that unleashes questions at a far greater rate than one can discover answers.

This causes an inevitable experience of awe and humility in the presence of an Ultimate Reality that is far beyond one’s ability to comprehend It.

This is the proper place to be. In awe.  Humbled before the Mystery that consumes us. Yet not petrified, frozen in fear, but able to stand and rest and be and move and explore in the domain near and Beyond the Boundary. It is an absolutely exhilarating place to be. Right on the edge. Right in the zone of greatest Purpose and Meaning.

This place of childlike awe and wonder, when one rediscovers it after a long journey through the ‘known’ layers of elementary understanding and articulation and darkness, is actually the place where possibility lies. It is the place where Potential lies.

When one returns to the place of awe, wonder, and possibility as a mature, forged, and properly prepared adult being, the Potential is functionally limitless.

In this space, one lays back down the forms and propositions they used to “know”, in order to rightly relate to the Non-Propositional Ultimate Reality] that they now Know in a far, far deeper and more True Way. The kind of deeper Way so indescribable that must be experienced and lived to be Known.

The narrow Threshold that leads to true Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding is ahead.

It lies within \the mighty walls which mark the Boundary of Knowing.

One one side of the Boundary is the Known. In the Known is safety, security, structure, and certainty. We have been here. We have explored and arranged and mastered this domain. Our family is here. Our friends are here. Our home is here. Our memories are here.

On the other side of the boundary is the infinite Unknown. Outside the Boundary is infinite danger, infinite possibility, and infinite potentiality. It is wild. It is unexplored. It is the place our family and friends have warned us about.

It is also the Way towards our Destiny.

They have set up their ramparts and stationed a guard.

Only the brave, courageous, and ennobled shall pass, and they risk their life to do so.

Yet there is a strange old saving:

_If you try to save your life, you will lose it.

But if you are willing to lose your life, you will find it.   _