8.x2 Blood In Defense Of Captivity And Untruth

Isn’t it interesting how in the caves, we were absolutely sure that each generation of oligarchs, experts and priests had it all figured out?

Isn’t it interesting how they cruelly chided and publicly shamed those of us who dared question the common understanding?

Isn’t it interesting, how the common understanding that they tortured people to defend was always proven wrong by each subsequent generation?

Isn't it interesting, how the authorities stoned the prophets, burnt the unusual at the stake, exterminated entire populations, destroyed our languages, our songs, and our cultures, beat the creativity and uniqueness out of us, medicated the unruly, locked us in prisons and institutions, and conscripted 100s of millions of our children to be sent to fight and die in wars against other children?

How much blood and slander is being spilled to this day in defense of untruths!

How many of us are still being called up to fight and die against "them". How many more senseless wars will we allow our children and grandchildren to be sent to fight? How many more conscriptions will we endure? How many more missiles will we allow our children to fire at one another. How many more poisonous and slanderous untruths will we mindlessly repeat about one another? How many more oligarchies we will give our lives, our minds, our produce, and our children to serve?

It is time to leave that maddening Old and Dark world behind.

No more blood should be shed defending lies, ignorance, and our captivity.

We were not created to be imprisoned in caves.

We are not created to train our children to war with one another.

From the Light outside the Boundary, we will look back on the slavery we tolerated and upheld with our blood for generations, and we will weep.

Were not we warned about this in our sacred scriptures, thousands of years ago?

How did we end up back in captivity?