12.15 A Meta Punishment and Dwelling Place Suitable for the Meta Villain

And yet surely that is not justice.

What are we actually going to do with the damned thing? We can't allow the spirit of evil to lurk in the abyss forever.

We know that no matter how carefully we construct the garden, the snake will always show back up in it.

Some day, a thousand years from now, it will be released from the abyss, and show back up at the sacred tree, to test and tempt us to once again eat of its fruits.

Yet this time the visit of Evil will be short lived, because we will remember.

We will remember how to overcome it, for we will have become the kind of conscious being who know how to confront and overcome such things.

We will remember the great battles of old, the suffering, injustice, and corruption that plagued earth for millennia the last time we were deceived, and we will simply call down fire from heaven to devour it and send it to its ultimate abode.

So what kind of punishment might be conceive of, and what might the ultimate dwelling place be for the Meta Villain and its central animating spirit, the essence of evil who raped, deceived, and tormented life for millennia?

Surely it should suffer more than all the suffering it caused. Surely it should pay back seven fold.

The prophets of the past thought that perhaps the worst possible suffering of which we could conceive would be the Eternal Conscious Torment of having ones self consumed in a lake of fire and brimstone for eternity, without being able to escape or die.