31.4 Resourcing the New Vision, System and Plan

Ensuring the success of the New Vision, System, and Plan requires substantial resources, including financial support, human capacity, knowledge, and technology. The rising movement must focus on mobilizing these resources to advance its goals and create lasting change.

  1. Mobilizing Financial Resources: Attracting funding from diverse sources, such as philanthropy, impact investments, government grants, and public-private partnerships, will be crucial for supporting the rising movement's initiatives. By demonstrating the potential for transformative impact, the movement can secure the financial resources necessary to scale its efforts.

  2. Harnessing Human Capacity: Recruiting and retaining talented individuals with diverse skills and expertise is essential for driving progress. The rising movement should create opportunities for professionals, volunteers, and community members to contribute their time and talents to the cause.

  3. Leveraging Knowledge and Expertise: Building a knowledge base and tapping into the expertise of various stakeholders can help the rising movement address complex challenges more effectively. By fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration, the movement can harness collective intelligence and create innovative solutions to the Meta Crisis.

  4. Developing and Sharing Technology: Developing and disseminating transformative tools and technologies can empower individuals, communities, and organizations to address the Meta Crisis. The rising movement should prioritize open-source technologies and support the sharing of resources across the network to maximize their impact.

  5. Building Infrastructure: Investing in the physical and digital infrastructure needed to support the New Vision, System, and Plan will be essential for its success. This includes developing facilities, networks, and platforms that enable collaboration, learning, and innovation.

  6. Creating Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, such as businesses, governments, non-profits, and academic institutions, can help the rising movement access additional resources and expertise. By collaborating with partners, the movement can scale its efforts and create systemic change.

  7. Establishing Legal and Policy Frameworks: Advocating for legal and policy frameworks that support the New Vision, System, and Plan is crucial for its long-term success. By engaging with policymakers and stakeholders, the rising movement can create an enabling environment for transformative change.

  8. Promoting Resource Efficiency and Sustainability: Ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of resources is essential for the long-term viability of the rising movement. By adopting best practices in resource management, the movement can minimize waste, reduce its environmental footprint, and maximize its impact.

  9. Measuring and Reporting on Progress: Regularly assessing and reporting on the allocation and impact of resources will help the rising movement demonstrate its effectiveness and attract additional support. Transparent reporting can also foster trust and accountability among stakeholders.

  10. Adapting and Evolving: The rising movement should remain flexible and adaptive in its approach to resourcing, responding to changing needs and opportunities as they arise. By continuously learning and refining its strategies, the movement can ensure its efforts remain focused and effective.

By mobilizing and managing resources effectively, the rising movement can advance the New Vision, System, and Plan, address the Meta Crisis, and create a better future for all.

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