29.4 The role of education and outreach in advancing the New Vision and Plan

Education and outreach are essential components of successfully implementing the New Vision and Plan. By educating and raising awareness about the Meta Crisis and the need for a regenerative and resilient future, we can build a broad and engaged community of stakeholders who understand and support the Vision and are committed to working together to make it a reality.

Over the last 200 years, humanity has transformed from approximately 90% illiterate, to approximately 90% literate. This massive shift is accelerating a shift in consciousness and society that we are only just beginning to realize. Despite this growth in literacy, information, education and opportunity were distributed in severely unjust and unequal ways in the Old System. As we have talked with people in countries around the world, we have discovered that large sections of the population have been intentionally lied to, deceived, and kept in the dark by the various forces seeking to exploit and manipulate them. As a result, it will be critical that we ensure that every citizen of earth has equal access to the information and learning opportunities needed to engage in responsible and informed self-governance.

One key area where education and outreach can play a critical role is in building public understanding and support for the necessary political and structural changes. By providing clear and accessible information about the challenges we face, and the solutions that are available, we can build a shared understanding of the need for transformative change and mobilize support for the policies and investments that are necessary to achieve it.

Another area where education and outreach can be particularly useful is in developing the knowledge, skills and capacities needed to implement the New Vision and Plan. Through education and training programs, we can empower individuals and communities around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to take action and contribute to building a regenerative and resilient future. This can include providing training in regenerative agriculture, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, individual development, organizational development, community development, new tools and technologies, and other key areas of regenerative development.

Education and outreach also play a critical role in promoting and supporting the social and cultural changes that are necessary for a regenerative and resilient future. By raising awareness about the impacts of our current systems on the Living System and on marginalized and under-served communities, we can create a culture of empathy, solidarity and awareness that support a just transition. By amplifying the voices of the historically unheard, and highlighting their contributions and solutions, we can support the co-creation of more just and abundant future for All.

Finally, education and outreach can help to build the sense of shared purpose and commitment that is necessary for confronting and overcoming the Meta Crisis, and successfully implementing the New Vision and Plan. By providing opportunities for individuals and communities to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another, we can build a sense of connection, community, and collective responsibility for creating a better future for all.

Overall, education and outreach will be essential for successfully implementing the New Vision and Plan, and for building a regenerative and resilient future for All. By raising awareness, building knowledge and capacity, and fostering a culture of empathy, solidarity and action, we can create the broad-based engagement and support that is necessary to achieve the transformative change we need from the bottom up through empowered citizen led insight and initiative around the world.

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