16.5.5 Integrated Development and Wellbeing Justice and Reform

The New Vision and Plan recognizes that the Meta Crisis has not only affected the economy, social systems, political systems, and the environment, but has also had a detrimental impact on overall human development and wellbeing. Therefore, it prioritizes the integration of all dimensions of development and wellbeing into the New Vision and Plan. This includes addressing issues such as universal access to world-class education, healthcare, information, energy, infrastructure and basic needs, as well as the promotion of holistic physical, mental, and spiritual well-being at the individual and community levels.

It also calls for the establishment of milestone based Lionsberg Integrated Development Goals with a focus on creating systems and structures that cultivate and empower the well-being of all inhabitants of Earth and the planet, rather than prioritizing economic growth at the expense of social and environmental flourishing. This includes the development of local and regional interoperable self-sufficient systems, that are based on principles of circular economy and regenerative development, in line with the principles of the Lionsberg System and Approach.

Additionally, it includes the integration of traditional and indigenous knowledge and practices, and the empowerment of local communities to take charge of their own development and well-being. This includes the promotion of community-based solutions and local self-governance, which empowers individuals and communities to address their own specific needs and circumstances, backed by the resources, tools, knowledge, and support of the global community. Furthermore, it prioritizes the creation of policies and programs that address issues related to human rights and dignity, such as access to education, healthcare, and housing, as well as the creation of citizen-led social safety nets that provide for the basic needs of all members of society.

The New Vision and Plan also calls for the integration of a holistic approach to lifelong learning, development and wellbeing, which recognizes the interdependence of all dimensions of human life and consciousness, and the need for a balance between economic, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being. This includes the promotion of policies and programs that address the interconnectedness of all aspects of life, and the development of systems and structures that support the well-being of all inhabitants of Earth, both now and for future generations.

The Lionsberg System and Approach results in a fundamentally transformed human system, reintegrated and rebalanced with the Living System that must eternally sustain all generations of life. The basic Pattern Language of the New System, voluntarily embodied throughout the earth, results in a planet in which all things are helping one another develop towards the fullness of their unique individual and local potential, and flourish in harmony. It calls forth and integrated New Operating System for humanity that is able to adapt and improve itself, as well as being able to adapt to the changing circumstances of the Living System and all its inhabitants throughout the generations.

Crucially, the Lionsberg System invites all citizens of earth who agree to abide by the Code into equal access to all the features and benefits of a continuously improving system purpose-built to help them individually and locally develop towards the fullness of their potential and thrive.

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