3.2 Crowdfunding Overview

Following is a rough template / roadmap for crowdfunding developed by allies:

Phase 1 (Preparing for Launch)

Key Deliverables:

Develop Messaging for the Project

  • Determine Use Cases/Who is the audience?

  • Cultivate the Narrative of the project

  • Determine Name and Tagline for the project

  • Create Elevator Pitch ( 1-3 sentences)

  • Create Longer Description ( 1 paragraph)

  • Create a One pager

  • Create Memes to be used through-out the campaign

  • Create Video Scripts

Media Creation

  • Make the most amazing crowdfunding video ever

  • Storyboard the script

  • What is the prevailing value of the Mission/ Movement/Campaign?

  • How do we compel and inspire people get excited and  to engage the project?

  • Finish recordings and edits for video release

  • Create a stock of small clip videos ( 1-2 minutes long) to be used as campaign goes along, telling different layers to the story, sharing other voices from the project, etc.

  • Create a stock of media in preparation for the campaign

  • Gather Images to use

  • Gather informative mock ups or designs of the project

  • Find quotes or supportive messages to use

  • Different memes related to the project

  • Create write ups/ summery with information about project to draw from for different posts/media

  • Create FB community page / Pages on other platforms

  • Create Media Kit for partners and collaborators to support promotion and circulation

  • Complete Content in Content Generator

  • Add Crowdfunder information and video to your website

  • Choose core images for media campaign chosen ( 10-15 images)

Crowdfunding Platform

  • Recommend Ingi-go-go or consider Grow VC group, Razoo, Classy)

  • Determine campaign amount & length of campaign ( Recommend 45-60 day)

  • Decide on Campaign perks or  “Rewards” for Backers (consider your reward tiers.. what is the lowest, mid-range, high range? what may be appropriate rewards for each range?? What partners or allies of your project may donate something to be campaign rewards for backers?)

  • Fill out Crowdfunding page

  • Create pie chart of where money will go- transparency for backers


  • What are ideal platforms to reach your target audience? Social media? Email? Newsletters? Local events? Local postings? Youtube channel-grow sponsorships

  • Consider boost strategies like contest or other compelling engagement points to run during the campaign

  • Pre-script campaign updates( still may develop as the campaign goes along, but you can pre-script some)

  • Pre-Book any radio or podcast interviews or press release

  • Schedule posts pre-emptively to Social Media ( FB, twitter, etc.)

  • Engage Network marketing channels, activate your aligned networks /partners to help you promote!

Pre-Build Support Base

  • Front load a few committed backers who can “Boost” Campaign at strategic times (Recommended Times: In the beginning to build momentum and also at the end if you need a boost to cross the finish line)

  • Look at creative investment opportunities- how to bring in the larger backers, atching funds, etc.

  • Gather any endorsements from people who have experienced Steamology or support the project

  • Activate Community Partner/Media Partner Engagement

  • Create incentives for media partnerships, leveraging networks and cross promotions

  • Create visual Info. Deck or Sponsorship Deck ( 8-9 slides with imagery and short bullet point descriptions of facets of the project) This gets sent to potential partners, large funders, collaborators, etc.

Phase 2 (The Launch)

Key Deadlines:

Launch the Campaing


Campaign Tasks

  • Do a splashy launch- synchronize partners to blast social media with the announcement of the campaign

  • Daily Social Media posts to Socials and promotional groups

  • Create new media as inspirations emerge to keep the campaign fresh

  • Align with events already taking place within communities of interest in order to do outreach, have display, offer lecture, etc.(Can you have a visible presence at local events? Or conferences/summits?

  • Launch new video short clips along the way ( 1 per week- 10 days)

  • Launch Press Releases, do Radio interviews

  • Blog about project, add crowdfunder Call to Action through Network Newsletters

  • Write to Allies, email lists, network contacts to ask for support in promoting the campaign

  • Updates on the crowdfunding page (2x month or at major highlight points)

  • Consider Green Inbox through Facebook

  • Team meetings once a week to reassess strategy, track progress, consider new approaches

Phase 3  (The Integration)


  • Announce the success of the Campaign!

  • Consider celebration party

  • Plan for a few days off afterward to rest and digital detox


  • Send any thank you letters

  • Fulfill reward deliverables

  • Do final Updates on the Crowdfunding site

  • Close out the Crowdfunding site

  • Update website and FB to focus on project launch focus instead of the campaign

  • Book any post interviews

  • Determine next steps for the project

  • Have a closing circle and wrap session for the team