Joint Venture Framework

When projects are too large and complex for any one organization or institution to accomplish in isolation, a special purpose joint-venture structure is required in order to protect the sovereignty and autonomy of each participant, while creating a place to collaborate towards the overarching and uniting goals and objectives.

In this case, the framework needs to be able to accommodate coordinated activity and resource flows across all pillars of society in all jurisdictional domains of earth simultaneously.

This structure needs to be empowered by 1) the people 2) the resources 3) the processes 4) the tools, infrastructure, and technology, and 5) the culture / way of being and doing that allows the ‘team of teams’ to function and flourish as they move towards the goal.

These elements should all ultimately be designed as a ‘system of systems’ that work together to produce throughput of the total nested hierarchy of goals.

By constructing the special purpose vehicle as an integrated system of systems, it is possible to transform the entire program of human action into a goal delivery system.