Group Development

In order for Groups to function effectively in a Comprehensive and Participatory System that addresses the Four Pillars of Governance, Economy, Society, and Spirituality, the Whole must help each Group learn, grow, and develop towards the fullness of its unique potential.

It is the job of each Group to climb the infrastructure and ladders towards the fullness of their Potential.

It is the job of the Community to build the Infrastructure and ladders, and to ensure that All, without exception, have equal access to them.

A lifelong process of learning and development, addressing all spiritual, intellectual, and physical components of the Whole Individual, organization, and community must therefore be at the core of the System.

This function is provisionally called the Lionsberg | Elevation Initiative.

For many, this process of learning will require un-learning / de-programming from the Old system, culture, and contexts in which they were raised and trained.

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