Founding Leaders



As the System and each of its federated entities emerge, converge and co-create the ecosystem, each Founding Leader will retain special responsibility and authority over the pattern integrity and governance of the element they Founded.

Transparency and Accountability - Wisdom Council

During this phase, each Founding Leader will have the right and responsibility to govern their emergent initiative transparently and accountably under the oversight of a Wisdom Council selected by that Founding Leader.

The Wisdom Council shall report to the Community / Federation no less than quarterly on the status and progress of the emergent enterprise.


Depending on the complexity of the initiative, this special category and governance role is anticipated to last for the first 2 to 5 years of an initiative's lifecycle.

This phase ends when the Founding Leader, Core Team, and Wisdom Council are able to pass a Proposal activating the full Self-Governance of the emergent entity in accordance with the Lionsberg Constitution and the Minimum Standards of Interoperability set forth by the System and the Holding Entity.

The Holding Entity has the right and obligation to send a Proposal back for improvement if it violates the Constitution or Standards of Interoperability, or if the Holding Entity reasonably believes it will harm the entity or system's ability to accomplish its Aim. This follows the same consent-based Decision Making Process.


During the Founding Leader period, and except for removal of a leader for cause, in the event of a conflict concerning the leadership of the Founding Leader, at the request of the local Core Team the Holding Entity may install a co-manager to assist in local governance and team building.

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